Have your guests ever asked you about some nice furniture/homeware you have?

Hi everyone - new here, but part-time host and long-term guest.
I have been reading some of the topics here and the insights are fascinating.
So here I come with something that has been on my mind…

Have your guests ever asked you about where you bought a lovely piece of furniture, some special homeware or amenities? It has happened to me a couple of times, and I am thinking of creating an initiative that allows them to buy some of these things directly from the brands (me taking a commission from it). But without being too salesy of course!

I’ve seen a couple of hosts (and companies) doing this, and apparently they are doing quite well. Selling your own things (if crafty - which is surely not me lol) seems like a no brainer, but I am wondering about other products.
Seen a few of you featuring local crafts, but what about something more substantial?

Have you done this? Thought of doing it? What are your thoughts on it? :pray:t4:

Thanks in advance for the insight!


I’m a BnB host, not a “hustler” . I do a variety of arts and crafts (and so does my partner), which decorate our listing. But nothing has a price tag. If asked, and only if asked, will we quote a price. Trying to get a setup where you make a commission from certain brands seems like it would not be worth the effort; otherwise a lots of hosts would be doing it and a lot of companies would be searching out hosts…


Tick tock, tick tock…



I’ve hosted over 800 guests in the last 6+ years. I’ve been asked two or three times about the mattress. I was part of a partner program in which I was given a free mattress in exchange for advertising said mattress. Despite the few inquiries and the referral card in the room I didn’t get a single referral payment. I also had a couple of guests comment on how much they liked the bath towels which are $8 at Costco. That’s it.

I swear you are about the 10th person to come here floating this same idea for a business. I don’t know if anyone has had any success with it, it doesn’t seem like it.


Two separate guests loved the fake orchid plant I have. Its tall and wispy and I bought it at a garage sale for $10.


I’ve had guests ask about existing stuff several times but I wouldn’t consider attempting any upselling to guests. It’s too tacky for my liking.


That’s the real question. Several people have posted here either asking about how to sell items via their listing or promoting services (e.g. apps) that help hosts sell items vis their listings. Success might be region-specific, but without any real data, I’d guess that minibar items and local souvenirs are about all guests will be buying.

Here’s’ some past threads on the subject



People are bombarded with marketing to buy this, buy that, all the time. My listing is a quiet haven where guests come to relax and get a break from their everyday lives. There are tons of national and local handicrafts for sale in my touristy town if they are so inclined. I’m not the least bit interested in trying to sell them anything. And I also think it’s tacky.


I agree with you, and I’m not in a touristy town. People come here wanting a respite, too.

When we started as hosts, I represented a line of earth-friendly personal care products. We provided them in the guest bathrooms. A few guests asked about them, and if I had extras on hand, I sold them. But I didn’t “push” or display anything for that purpose. I no longer rep that company, although we still use the products.


A guest once texted me about a picture in my rental that she asked to buy from me for her girlfriend. I sent her the link to where I bought and she was thrilled. Didn’t consider selling it to her for one sec. It felt wrong. We had a lacquer furniture restoration business for awhile—more of a hobby than a business—and even though some of our pieces are in our rentaI, and I have not removed the link from my Facebook page, no one has even mentioned the furniture much less ask Ed if they could buy it. I do not advertise in my rental. A few of the older guests have left compliments like “well appointed” and “nicely decorated” but that is about it.
The millennials that come through do not seem interested in shopping or buying things and do not seem to appreciate quality furnishings. The picture was inexpensive and from Amazon.com. Hate to rain on your parade, but doubt that idea will fly.

You can do 2 things - set up a website for your listing with a “Buy The Stuff” and then have what the companies selling “stuff” call an affiliate link to the specific products which would generate you income; OR you can put stickers on things and make your guests feel awkward. I find that most people commenting on the things in my house are making conversation or paying a compliment. They’re renting a room, not sleeping in a mall…


Exactly. Just because a person admires something doesn’t mean they want to buy one just like it.


Yes! I have a a variety of pieces I made for our cottage. A guest wanted to get a whole set: coffee
table, bedside night stands, shelves, bookcase, writing desk. The deal fell through because I couldn’t locate a source for the wood I had used.

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I had a couple last month, also AirBNB hosts, who messaged me the day after arrival asking for several things that captured much of what I’m often asked about:

I sent them (and anyone who has asked) the links for the sheets, duvet, mattress topper, and recipes; and then brought over some brownies.

Also have had many inquires about a motorized standup desk, and as always, I’ve sent the link.

I’d feel like I was gouging them if I tried to make a buck from things that are readily available.


But you held back on the recipe for lemon cake…




I give away sourdough starter that’s been in this house for 84 years.


My last attempt at keeping a starter alive ended up smelling like it had been around that long.

The secret is to use it often. I use it a least once a week.

If I don’t have time to make bread, I’ll make some overnight batter for sourdough whole wheat waffles or pancakes, and occasionally I’ll bake a couple of pizza shells and freeze them for later. A couple of weeks ago I failed at making naan or pita bread — it was very chewy and quite tough!

We have had guests ask about our bedroom furniture, the paintings in the house and the towels. All are from local artists and the towels are from a nearby spa so I have gladly told guests where they were purchased. No commission or sales though. That just feels tacky to me.


I love those soft colors of the bedroom and the color combo. Yes, I’ve had guests ask where I got the little throw rug in their bedroom, which is handwoven by Mexican weavers. I just direct them to the store and stalls in town where they’re available. To me it’s the same as restaurant recommendations, etc. Not interested in a commission- I’ve always hated selling, dislike the fact that middlemen often make more than the creator of something, especially when it comes to unique handicrafts and art.