Offering products for sale to guests - tacky or offputting, or okay?

I have a small business making jewelry that I sell wholesale to gift shops and the like.

In your opinion, would it be tacky to have a display of items available for guests to purchase?

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I too have been wondering. We make goats milk soap on our farm. We give all guests a free bar of the soap when they arrive. Several guests have asked for orders. Was thinking of putting up a sign on the wall to tell them to order online and I will give it to them before they leave. Tacky?


If it’s discret, I think it’s a good idea to put it-

We had my wife grand mother painting on the walls with price, no one has every said any complaint against it

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I’m going to vote offputting if it’s in their room. If it happens, what’s the hipster term…organically? that’s one thing. So you’re wearing the jewelry, they comment on it and then you offer to show them items for sale in studio in your part of the house. @LegendsCreek I know you like to limit contact with the guests but not sure how I feel about a sign saying order online when I’m right there.


Good opinion. We do limit contact but I do speak briefly to almost every guest each day. I don’t keep my soap wrapped to help preserve it, so the only way to sell it would be to package it on demand. Most guests have freaked out over the soap, but only a few have ordered.

Not tacky at all. Make it a very simple note. Maybe, many guests have inquired where to get our home made goat’s milk soap. You will find it online @ and we will fulfill your order in person before your departure. Of course, put in your real url! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Or you could offer a goat so they can make their own soap :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Well believe it or not, several guests have asked if they can help shovel out goat stalls, trim goat hooves and milk goats.

I prefer to not have people paying me to stay here working on the farm.


I worked as an assistant to a pastry chef in France and I paid for my accommodations. There are many experience vacations one can go on and your place fits that type, kind of like paying to work on a dude ranch.

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I have had a couple people that have asked me for UK plug adapters. I was thinking the other day maybe to buy a couple online and sell them if people ask. Alot of my guests are from mainland Europe, lots of frenchies. I think it’s crazy you don’t bring a plug adapter if you’re planning to travel around the UK. It would be the first thing I would think of.


I have a page for my soaps and toiletries in the House Manual with a price list, and as the apartment is right next to my workshop guests often peep in to see what I’m making and I invite them to stay and watch. I should say about 60% of people will buy something and some guests buy a LOT! I can’t see anything against it. It’s not exactly a hard sell and personally, as a heavy shopper I like to buy quality items as souvenirs for where I’ve stayed.


Soaps, jewelry, art… great as long as it is discrete.

Selling power adapters seems more mercenary somehow. Can an electrician put hard-wired, wall-mounted multi-plugs in your listing space?

I just had this happen to me with my most recent guests. (I’m in Canada mind you) my first thought was “Who doesn’t bring a universal charger with them to an entirely different continent?”

I also like to buy soaps and stuff from places I’ve visited.

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LegendsCreek, We have a small herd of goats and our guests absolutely love them! Many have tried to milk, tried our milk - and can’t believe it tastes so much like cow’s milk, and love our goat ice cream. I haven’t made soap, yet but you gave me some ideas. I don’t see anything wrong with selling the products. I think a complimentary bar great, also. Rather than putting a sign on the wall, I think a display in a nice basket with price cards wouldn’t be quite so planned.

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Teak1051. That is great. Raising goats is so wonderful! The milk is delicious! We do make cheese and ice cream, but we can’t sell any of it until we get a diary license. We are hoping to do it within in the next 5 years!

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Not tacky at all. I’m an artist painting and making ceramics, also have a deck of tarot type cards I made from my paintings. I mention it in my description so many know when they come, some ask to see more of my work (a lot hangs in their space) and one even suggested I put a folder in the room with of my art with prices for guests to view (have yet to get around to that one). I also mention it on the info sheet I leave in the rooms. Haven’t sold any art yet but several decks of cards. People love stuff you make yourself, I can’t see anyone being offended. Good luck!


Goats milk soap is pretty nice. I used to use it. I got it from Three Waters Farm. They used to come to the Carrboro’s Farmer’s Market.

I do it. A person in my town makes and sells all-natural soaps. They are on display outside the bathroom. Some people buy, most do not.


Theres this ice cream place not too far from me that uses goats milk. They have the goats out the back.

It’s also a very good remedy for eczema. See this link.

I guess I’m a little late to this thread but if anybody is still following my brother and I recently developed a box to help us sell necessities like travel adapters, rentals, beauty products, over the counter medication, etc… to our guests in California and Japan.

Our box is transparent but locked, and payments must be received online before the box can be opened.

We’re thinking we’re not the only ones who can benefit from it if any of you are interested.