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An easy way to sell items to guests

Hi guys,

Looking for some feedback for my project www.suggest.club

The story:

I am an entrepreneur who has sold a few companies, which, luckily for me, allowed me to become an AirBnB host so I can join the ranks of folks like yourselves!

I quickly realized that guests didn’t have all the items they needed, and frequently were asking me where they could buy X, Y, or Z. I started placing these items in my rental with a tip jar, but people often didn’t have cash; it was hard to track, etc.

So me and a few buddies are off to build Suggest, which allows you to print QR code enabled stickers and posters to sell everything in your unit: from food, alcohol, candy, to services that you provide.

I’d love to see if the community is interested in this kind of thing and if there is any feedback or things that you think I could do better. Also, if you like the idea it would be INCREDIBLE if you could sign up, which would give us much needed validation. I’ll let you in first when it’s ready. Oh yeah, it’s free to use as well; (takes a 2% commission per sale you make). Thanks so much!

  1. I think its tacky
  2. What items were you “selling” that you needed a tip jar?
  3. This is an international; forum…
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Hi Deb! Thank you so much for responding :))

I think it can be tacky if it’s overwhelming; like shoving a bunch of items into a guest’s face. Often times they paid a lot for a room/house and some things should be complimentary for sure.

I’ve however placed a bunch of packs of brews and a few bottles of wine which I was able to sell for between $10-30. In one of my reviews last week, guests stated they really appreciated having the option available and noted the added convenience as a positive.

I keep noodlin’ around with the idea and have played with the thought of offering cooked meals to my next guests; and/or maybe a convenience bag of items like local soaps and local face lotions. These are more premium items (the packaging on the soap is SO nice! Wish I had a picture) so I think guests will understand them not being free.

I asked a few of the guests what they thought, and, of the ones who didn’t purchase anything, they said they also appreciated the offer. Not sure if they are just trying to be nice, but nothing negative to report. Of course after more time I would get a better idea of what guests think overall.

What do you mean this is an international forum?

Anyways really appreciate the comment Deb. Very exciting to get someone chiming in on my little idea.

International – folks who post here are hosts from around the world.

I think the idea is tacky also --as hosts we’re here to serve and help guests – not fleece them. And a tip jar is even tackier.


Where I am I cannot sell alcohol without a licence.
Neither could I pass it along via a “donation”.
International, as in all over the world with many many many different rules regarding the sale and availability of alcohol! Age limits is one of the first things that comes to mind.
With some insurance policies - supplying alcohol and then having a claimable issue with a drunk guest would invalidate the policy.


I agree that the idea is tacky. As is a tip jar.


Yeah, for sure there are hosts from around the world. I’m sorry, I don’t get it; everything I’m saying I believe would be relevant to all hosts around the world. I agree that the idea isn’t for everyone :slight_smile:

Yeah! I mean it wouldn’t have to be dependent on selling alcohol. In my insurance policy there’s no clause about that being a liability, though; but I would guess each host would just want to decide for themselves what they think their guests would best enjoy :slight_smile:

That’s okay! Thank you for the input :slight_smile:

Selling food has similar rules, we have to list every ingredient for allergies and may have to show food handling certification and commercial kitchen set up

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Those are definitely interesting points for me to keep in mind; thank you Deb :slight_smile: I will have to think about how to approach that.

I don’t think I would be interested in selling stuff guests, but I am interested in the idea. Right now, I don’t understand exactly how it works or how it helps.

Hey Brian thanks for the feedback! Can you tell me what part you find confusing? Maybe then I can help clarify to you and also make the website a bit more clear :slight_smile:

You create stickers with QR codes, and I presume you put them on stuff. What then?

Yeah… you’re right. That’s so obviously terribly explained on the site. Basically, the guest then uses their phone’s camera to scan the QR code and then they’re taken to a purchase page :slight_smile:

I am experimenting with my guests and also sending them to other pages too. I make bulletproof coffee every morning and I always have a lot left over. I can create a page that allows them to schedule a time every morning that they’d want me to deliver some of my extra bulletproof coffee to them, for maybe a few bucks a day.

Oops! Pressed enter a bit too early. But yeah, my general inclination is that some guests would enjoy the extra hospitality :slight_smile:

Sorry - it is coming over to me that you are nickel and dimeing your guests.
At least with a minibar in a hotel i know what I might be up for if I am so inclined, but in 35 years have never given in to temptation. I don’t get your version of hospitality, unless you are seeing your guest as a walking wallet.


Yeah, I totally understand that! I think it is definitely a fine line to walk. There shouldn’t be “for-sale” signs littered all throughout our rentals, that’s not real hospitality!

However I do think that there are win-win ways to offer items to guests. More expensive amenities that they may enjoy could fall into that category. Local items too! I had a conversation with someone earlier today who creates goat cheese on their property, and I think vacationers would appreciate the tastes and experiences from actual locals!

That’s what I like about airbnb, anyways, the chance to have a real experience. But! I will cede to you that it won’t be for everyone :slight_smile: my guests so far have seemed to enjoy it though!

As a matter of fact, would be really excited to get some other hosts to test the app I am working on and seeing what their guests think, too :slight_smile:

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I just leave out Fiji water and snacks for free :woman_shrugging:t2: I pick up travel items from hotels and leave them in the bathroom for anyone.

You are not explaining this well. @nikk Still don’t understand how it works. Guests scan in a QR code and then what - is it done on trust and they then take the item. Where are the items stored? How do you know what guests want.

When it comes to FMCG like wine and toiletries guests like to choose their favourite brand.

For me this would be pointless as we have a large range of shops within a few minutes walk including a day and night chemist.

I don’t like the idea of selling items like this to guests it feels tacky.

If you want hosts to beta test your site for you, you need to pay them for their time and expertise.

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