Recommending and Selling products to guests. Anyone using something useful?

I’ve been spending a lot of time on recommending local stuff to my guests i.e. coffee, wines, chocolates, custom gifts, etc. It would be great to have somewhere to point them to and that I can contribute to product to provide for sale. Does anyone use something like this or do I just have to create my own e-commerce site?

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Personally I would just make a page or two for your House Book called Recommended Local Stuff or something, that lists the companies, their addresses and phone numbers. The same thing most of us do for local, non-chain restaurants that we’ve tried and love…

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You can have a eBay seller site. Not elegant but exists, proven technology, and can accept paypal could be an option too. Depends on what you’re selling.

Sorry wasn’t sure what you mean by ‘that I can contribute to product to provide for sale’?

I make soaps, bathbombs, candles all kinds of crafty things. I put a small selection on the top shelf of my Welsh dresser (out of the way of rug rat hands) with a locked money box. Kind of an honesty type deal. Along with cards for my website (free from Wix), and I have sold a few bits and bobs.


I am selling honey to guests.

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Thanks for suggestion! I was hoping for an existing collaborative site that hosts could place products for sale. It seems like a lot of people are selling something i.e. crafts, favorite snacks, etc. and need a means to collect payment or take orders. I’ll keep searching.

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So, I’m in the SF Bay Area and I provide my guests with coffee from Blue Bottle and I get a lot of compliments on the coffee. My buddy does something similar with his favorite snacks from a local chocolate maker. We were looking for a way to add products that we could sell to our guests and possible others based on our recommendations.

I’m looking for a collaborative site where hosts can sell recommended products that they use and provide to their guests.

I appreciate the feedback and, Yes, I do this now but was looking for a more professional means of accepting credit card payment and taking orders. I’ll keep searching! :grin:

Why would your guests pay you for Blue Bottle coffee when they can simply go to the cafe to buy beans to take home?

That’s an option for some but others already have a set agenda and simply don’t have time for the adventure.

You could set up a regular ecommerce type website, just call it the same name that you give your place and add “country store” or similar on the end. That way they can order when they get home if they like the Blue Bottle (what is that btw. Never heard of it.) not everyone is going to want to take the time to go find it and then try to stuff it in their carry on. Is it a liquid?? Or beans?

You can do it online but I’m a BIG believer that the right way to go about it is to have these products hands on. You can simply have them in your own house and leave a note in the rental unit that you can bring it over in case they want to purchase those with prices of course. Charge can be made cash or via Airbnb resolution ticket > Extra Serviced.

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What you want to do is called affiliate marketing - you market the product and the producer gives you a commission on every product sold via your social media/website etc. (Not all companies offer this but a fair few do).

As @konacoconutz said you can set up an e-commerce site to do this. And sell via your listing.

By the way @Oded the right way to go about selling products is to use channels that your customers want to use to purchase them whether directly (in this case via your accommodation), or online. Not everyone wants to carry items with them after their stay and may prefer to have them delivered.

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You’re right! My point was the availability of the product. I was thinking of guests from different countries. Shipping a coffee bag would not make sense but maybe they would found place for it in their suitcase. That leads to the conclusion of needing both options available :slight_smile:



Most areas have an on-line produce market like

Will this one or one similar in your area be a good fit for your products? The one a friend was involved in one in Tennessee also would sell locally made food products like cheese & jams and locally made crafts/jewelry.

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Awesome! That’s really good info but it still seems like no one knows of a site that already does this for Airbnbers. I guess I’ll put something together myself and offer others a way to add products. Thank you so much for all the great insights! :grin:

That’s interesting! It doesn’t have the ecommerce portion I was looking for but looks like a great future resource. Thank you so much!