To Plus or Not to Plus

We started with Airbnb in late September 2018, have had steady bookings, 5 star reviews and SH status from the beginning. So now we have registered with Airbnb Plus - mainly because they asked (everyone likes to be asked don’t they?); because there is a “Plus” one street over from us; and because it would boost our ranking in a crowded local field - a very desirable/convenient neighborhood located in Alexandria, VA. The inspector/photographer came yesterday and we should hear something back in abt 5 days. My quibble is not with the photos - the photographer said they have very strict guidelines and a very definite look that they want - but with their write ups which I don’t think are very good, creative, or interesting. So, is it really worth it? I’ve already started to increase my pricing, our occupancy rate is 85%+, and our reviews are great. Are there any real downsides to doing this? All comments welcome.

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@KKC You’re alway SO quick with your replies… I was about suggest similar MULTIPLE (dare I say ad nauseam) discussions.*

@Virginia_Amos. I would suggest you review the many topics created, however I’ll give you my summary:

  • it works for some but not others
  • It is very limiting to photos posted, write up, control over your listing
  • It is challenging (but not impossible) to get changes made
  • It will put your listing higher up in search



I’d see how your photos come back and what (if any) suggestions they have for your place.

Ultimately you’ll need to decide if the loss of control over your listing is compensated by the potential increase in earnings.

Personally, I think it would make me feel like an Airbnb franchisee and I fancy myself an independent entrepreneur. :sunglasses:


Thanks. I’ve just abt decided to abdicate. I frequently change the wording in my listing to compliment big events or call attention to our proximity to a large, very expensive convention hotel - which has worked very nicely. Also slowly increasing our prices with no push back. Not sure being higher in the ranking chain compensates for losing out on search parameters.

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i forgot the topic but a few days back there was a lady who posted here pics taken by herself vs pic taken by plus. Oh my, the Plus one were horrible! Dark and impersonal.

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