My Airbnb Plus Update

Don’t do it! I think potential guests see the “Plus” as “more expensive”. My bookings are down considerably. Has anyone opted out and, if so, did it affect where you appear in the searches?

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Interested in the responses, since I see Plus homes show up at the top of the searches and I’m wondering if I eventually want to go down the “plus” path.

If you do – make sure you are there with the photographer to review his/her photos before he/she leaves. I am SO disappointed in the very artsy, but misrepresenting photos.

To be honest, I thought your rental unit was at the seaside, because of the many nautical blue, grey and white colors. Then I saw it is in the Colorado mountains, surrounded by birch and pine trees.

Its overall cleanliness and non-clutter would attract me as a future guest.

I see you are walking-distance from a large university. Don’t you get many bookings from parents visiting their student-children throughout the semester-year?

You could buy an ad in the university newspaper, suggesting students ask their parents to stay at your rental when visiting the nearby campus.

After 5 1/2 years, watching my earnings drop 10% each year, I’ve decided to sell. It’s under contract, closing at the end of June.


Wasn’t always intended as a fix and flip that you detoured into Airbnb with?

I’m curious about your and other PLUS results.

I’ve been Plussed out since October ‘18, and as I’ve previously stated, my bookings and revenue have gone up, so its actually worked to my advantage. I’ve been booked solid since February, so as move into the June downturn, I look forward to a bit of break.

Interesting note is that I don’t think I’ve had any guests that actually chose my listing because it was PLUS; those who I’ve discussed it with, didn’t know much about the program.

PS. Congrats on both the sale and the renovation you did -> Looks very nice.

I don’t pursue gimmicks. Don’t need to be Plus or Premier Partner or Super host or the Work program.

I list on ABB, HA/VRBO, Booking.Com, Craigslist, and seek to build future direct bookings.

These OTAs are just lead generation to me.

Wow! What a good memory! Yes – because it’s a weird property. It’s on a land lease (like a mobile home, but it’s a townhouse). My gut is telling me that we’re at the top of the bubble and these places are notoriously hard to sell because banks don’t want to do a loan on them, so I decided to sell now. I had to find a cash buyer, and I did. Over-all, I did well – bought if for $75K, put around $35K into it (including furniture, linens, etc.), 5 1/2 years of Airbnb grossing around $55K/year, selling for $174,900.


Thank you! (extra characters)

For instance – last May I pulled in almost $9K; this May, a little over $6K. Could also be due to extra competition and Airbnb sending everyone almost daily emails to lower their prices.

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I’m glad that worked out for you. Bubble or not you can’t really go wrong with those numbers. Time to sit on the cash so you’re ready to buy when the bubble pops?

I’m making more than in prior years due to raising my prices but I have a very different kind of rental.

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The plan is to also sell the house I’m living in (much bigger numbers on this place), live in my last flipper for at least two years to save on the capital gains, buy a place in Marseille, France and live there about four months a year and do Airbnb there. It is legal if you own the place and is considered a “micro business”. Then, if I pay taxes, I can get on their healthcare.


But you have to live in France! LOL. I kid.

I hope it works out for you. Given the current worldwide socio-economic-political environment and my expectations for coming conflict provoked my climate change I wouldn’t have any plan that included emmigrating.

Sandy2: I read above that your money-losing Boulder, Colorado rental condo averaged $55,000 per-year (gross).

Based on your $156 listed fee, you would have had 352 nights booked of a 365-day year.

Good luck on your move to Marseilles, France. I suggest you rent the 1975 Gene Hackman-movie, French Connection 2, for a cultural review of that French port city.

ATTENTION HOSTS: How many Airbnb reservations have you had in the last 12 months? Mine is 23 total bookings.

No one has the same fee every night.

I had 224 in 2018. I’ve had 94 booked nights in 2019. I’ve had 153 reservations in the last year on Airbnb. I also had at least two cash clients book at least 50 nights in the past year.

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KKC: As a frequent forum poster and honest commentator, can you please send me a link to your Airbnb property listing? Do you own several rental units, or just one?

P.S.: I updated my property photos, after your kind suggestion two days ago.


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People can read the prices up front, so price per se is not the issue. It’s staying at an upscale listing when they are shopping value. And that is a bit scary. Because Air is about value, not upscale.

I am JEALOUS! I thought I lived in a wonderful place (well, I do…) but Marseille! A wonderful place. I hope it works out great for you :sunny:

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I was averaging $350/night May through September.