Cancelled our "Plus" status

We just opted out of “Plus”. Reasons were many. The “Magazine” look was cold and impersonal. We had no real control over the photos and our original photos conveyed some important features but were not used for Plus. The title was phony sounding and inaccurate. While I am still unclear about this I believe Airbnb has hiked their charges to the guest which will impact our bookings yet we do all the work! Important issues in our original description we’re not visible to potential guests. The list could go on and on but it is pointless and you get the idea.


I bet you’re not alone!
I presume they take a bigger cut because they did the photos and stuff?


They charge the host for the inspection and the professional photographer. Cost to us was $149. And this is mandatory!

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At what point do they charge you. Others here have reported that there was no payment.

We just got an invitation to get an inspection for free. But I’m doubting participating and now even more.

@RumourHasIt Was it easy to opt out? Is it possible to retain all the reviews or is it starting all over again?

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Opting out is painless. You click on a button for that purpose then answer a few questions about why you are opting out. Your original pages, info, pics etc reappear along with your reviews. It’s as though you were never a part of “Plus”


The inspection is done by the photographer and though the inspection may be free the photos will be charged to your next booking. Fixed fee is$149.


The charge is put against your next booking.

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Thanks @RumourHasIt. I suspect we’ll be hearing more stories like this. I’ve been in PLUS for a few weeks, and not sure of its value yet.

Ditto! I am frustrated and concerned about this, as well.

I would like to get this confirmed. If so, I need to account for that in how I price.

Maybe this is location based? Maybe timing based? I say this because Phoenix only went live with PLUS in mid September and I wasn’t charged, nor were some friends in the same city.

Maybe the photographer charges are location based. We are on the outskirts of Bangkok

Plus interiors seem funky in an annoying, online catalog way. Designed by thirtysomething art directors to coordinate with the page, not to showcase.


Absolutely agree! Our original photos really conveyed a mood.

Agreed. All the plus interiors I’ve seen are off putting because it looks contrived, sterile, cliche, pretentious … and like no one lives there. I rue the day investment properties took over Airbnb.


Proud of you for taking a personal stand.


There are a couple of interesting online articles to this effect.

Basically you’re looking at acres of white plus a pop colour that nobody could live with for more than a day or two, a stark, unsentimental ambiance, and an unvarnished tribute to Ikea. Clearly nobody’s ever heard of feng shui.

Your tapestry curtains, Tudor blanket chest fresh flowers, teddy bears and your friendly moggy have no place here. It’s the last place you’d want to have sex in.

Apparently only 2,000 places have signed up so far and the jury’s out in terms of whether it’s profitable.


@RumourHasIt. Just book your place and you will see the charge in the pre-confirm page.

@RumourHasIt Based on what I’m reading from numerous hosts Airbnb is going to have to change the Airbnb+ or more hosts will follow you. This simply isn’t working.

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I’m staying with a Plus host in Phoenix in less than two weeks – already, I have mentioned that I’d like to pick her brain about her participation in the program. :slight_smile:

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JustMandi. I laughed SO hard. Thank-you. I was upset that Plus had not come to Santa Fe, but now I am chill. I offer very down home experience but still great-taste.


I agree with the cold presentation.
I was charged $149 for my first property. I did not have any option selecting which photos to include. All exterior neighborhood shots of mine were not allowed. You lose context if you cannot see what is around the property. (in my case downtown Washington, DC). My first property has had a little more activity, no change in price overall. My biggest issue is the lack of neighborhood photos.

My second Airbnb Plus property was offered for free from Airbnb. I am also evaluating whether it is worth it. I feel that the guests will have greater expectations overall.

Will update with more experience. First Plus property was in May.

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