AIrbnb Plus Issues

My LIsting

So i applied for the plus program and they had someone come out and take some pictures and walk through the unit.
After about 6 weeks i get the pictures with some explanations of what needs to be done. Let me say that my condo is in downtown Aspen CO, one block from the base of the mountain. I purchased it and did a $120,000 remodel, which included furniture etc. I am a super host with a 4.9 star overall rating.

So they have a couple valid points, dirty windows, etc. But they are asking for generic modifications to the living room, saying that furniture needs to be replaced. They have a picture of my couch and the mirror above it saying it is not up to their standards.

Meanwhile, the pictures they included are drab and lifeless. Pictures sell the unit. That is common knowledge. You can review my listing above (any suggestions on improvements would be appreciated)

I have included their pixs here. Compare them to my pictures in the listing. They are awful. They certainly make my place look drab. And would i even want the plus status if they are going to make my place look like this?

My question is do i have any recourse? Or am i out of luck.

Look at this pix, are you kidding me? Compare it to my picture in the listing.

Also another terrible picture. Compare to my listing

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Personally, if that was what they presented me with I’d tell them to forget it.



When working with any contractor or designer, they will tell you everything is wrong with your home. That justifies their job and allows them to charge you for materials and services.

When was the last time a professional praised your home and said he/she would not change a thing?

Did they charge you for the photography and room staging?


no they did not charge me. They offered to pay me $500 if i made the changes by May 28th. But to be honest, i would not want those pixs on my listing.
I paid a prof photographer $900 to come in and take the pixs and shoot video of the unit. Those are the pixs online.

All the points you raise are amongst the reasons that some of us decided not to even try for Plus. Every time I read about it, it seems like more and more of a headache.

The designers at Airbnb have GOT to stop eating those urban hipster decor mushrooms! Your couch looks super-comfy, but I guess that doesn’t count . . .


skideeppow, read here about all your decorating faux pas and weep:

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I’d say skip Plus if you are stuck with those pics. There are some Plus hosts here who recommend it (@HH_AZ) and some, including one in CO down the mountain from you who doesn’t (@sandy2). Someone, I can’t recall who, was able to get the pics they wanted but they had to fight with them over it.

Also, another Airbnb featured trend I found on their site: Goat Yoga is out, Horse Yoga is in
You can’t make this stuff up!


Dammit, now I have to slaughter all the goats and buy horses. Wait, I must check with Airbnb to see if “Roast Goat on a Spit Feast” is a trending Experience!


Rent out the goats as emotional support animals.


These pictures are SOOOOO BAAAADDD!!!

It makes your place look like some depressing soviet-era gulag. Eesh. Nice picture of a fence outside the window.:woman_facepalming: Everything looks so much warmer and charming in your photos.

I think you gave it the old college try. What they’ve offered isn’t PLUS at all - it’s a huge step down from your current listing. I’d tell them to re-do the photos or drop me from the program.

p.s. All your couch needs is few minutes realigning the cushion edges with the piping. And maybe swap a few throw pillows out for more colorful ones. The designers want mod couches, which photograph pretty, but sit uncomfortably. Stick with what you have.


rent out the goats to “mow” the grass.

Those plus pics are horrible. I like yours.

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IMO, Plus is a poorly thought-out program. Air targets the already hot and dynamic listing, nitpicks the hell out of it,then demands monogamy and complete control. GTFO


Send the goats to me in Florida, they can mow my grass.

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I encourage you to read many of the existing topics on ABNBplus which will give you further insight.

But to comment herein, as @KKC has referenced, I’ve found it to be a benefit. Some things to note that were different (for me) than your situation:

  1. They had asked me to make some changes before a photographer / inspector was dispatched. I detailed those changes in a different post, but they included adding some decorative pillows, plants, “personalization”, etc. Once those changes were approved a photographer / inspector (independent contractor) was scheduled.

  2. Overall, I was happy with the photography work done although there were some areas that were missing; after a lengthy email exchange they did allow me to add some of my own photos as long as they were in the format of PLUS.

There is no penalty for not choosing to join ABNB+ or to leave it and revert back to nonPlus; there is an option in the settings that facilitates it (see attached screen prints). If it wasn’t working for me, or if the photography was inferior (as yours seem to be), I’d be pulling the plug.

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It would work if your suite was black and white. Then some twit would say that was deceptive.

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NO WAY this snapshooter is any kind of professonal photographer! What a total waste! Forget about Plus, because from what I’ve seen they hound Plus hosts to fix trivial non-problems in their insane race to make all AirBnBs look like an Ikea walkthrough. I doubt if their “placement” is much help in a busy market.


We have a few art hotels in the bohos of Toronto, with a screaming lime green pantone headbanger throughout, and furnishings for Japanese schoolgirls. Is this really what people want?

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You are right: your photos are 100% better. I would drop Airbnb Plus and just do it yourself. You really do know what your doing.

If I’m allowed to nitpick however, here is some feedback on the photos:

  • looks a bit too sterile for me. Consider some flowers, fruit bowl, magazine and perhaps some throws to bring life to the place.

  • never, ever, take picture if the toilet. Turns some people off - me included.

  • the final picture shows you in the reflection. Edit out.

Otherwise great listing. I’d definitely stay.