Airbnb Plus feedback wanted

Hi all,

This morning I was invited to apply for Plus. The first step is professional photography and inspection to go through the check list of requirements. Oh and fee of $149.
I went through the photographer booking process and not once did it mention the other terms of Plus which I only found out after a call to support.
They are:
Photos- must use only those taken by their photographer and Airbnb chooses which ones and the cover photo.
Airbnb writes your text. It’s 2 or 3 sentences, that’s it. Look at Plus listings for the format.
Airbnb can rename your listing.
You cannot edit your listing text or photos yourself.
When I asked what I can edit he said “Well I think you still can edit your price”. Hmmmm.
I cancelled my appointment.
Yes, Plus listings are shown at the top of search results which is great. Would like to hear from those who have gone down the Plus road, has it worked for you?

@SuiteInSeattle has a Plus listing. Maybe he will chime in.

Hi @patti, our listing just went live as a Plus listing. I can tell you that you are pretty limited in how much you can write in your listing description, but you can edit the text as well as the title of your listing. You can make up for the character limits by creating captions for your “details” photos and adding important text to your rules.You can add in and remove the pro photographer’s photos, but only within limits. Our current cover photo is of our patio and yard and, because it does not accurately represent how our patio and yard look in fall and winter, I’m planning to write to Air Plus to ask them to switch it out for an interior shot. We’ll see how that goes.

If you are in a small market, it might not be worth it for you. We are in a huge market of over 7,000 active listings so we’re watching and waiting see whether it’s worth it to us to stand out.


Hey @SuiteInSeattle! Would be great if you could take a scientific approach (of not changing your pricing or any other rental parameters) for the next month to see if being Plus makes a difference to bookings.

Thanks Micheal, maybe it’s not quite as restrictive as I was told, and your ideas to provide more info by using captions etc are good. Can you clarify what you mean by limits on what you can do with photos? Would love to know how long it takes to get your cover photo changed to what you want. Best of luck!

Dear @patti One benefit is that you can charge a premium price. As you’re no longer competing with everyone else, you’re in actual fact only competing against others who are part of the Plus program. Also, you’ll find that guests will trust you more and you’ll receive more guests who’ll just accept that you know what you’re doing.