Squatting Guest LIVE in Real Time ...S.O.S

Need HELP. S.O.S

I am currently dealing with a professional squatter-LIVE.

The squatter booked last Thursday and check in at 4:00 pm in the Private Room (one bedroom) and AirBnB canceled his reservation at 11:00 PM on the SAME DAY (can’t discuss reason here).

They (2 people) continued to live in San Bernardino County in my house and refuse to leave and demanded $5,000.00 payment in cash after the reservation has been canceled. Yes, we are being black-mailed and extorted by an Airbnb guest. We should have screened (because we turn on Instant Book) but we did not.

It’s more than 4 days now. What are my options? 1. Cash for Keys. 2. Go to the police we did. It’s a civil matter and they said they can’t really get involved till legal process is executed.

At what point in our county does one establishes “residency”. I understand the 30 days Squatting-Rights as your “Future Tenant” rule but he said that he had established “residency” in 72 hours “after i arrived and received a piece a mail in my name in the mail box,” which he did.

Now we have to go thru eviction and which will cost us the same $5,000.00 “I fight you all the way if you evict me, you can pay your lawyer or pay me because I am the cheaper option,” was his exacting words.

He is a Professional Squatter i can’t reveal the name right now due to future litigation and life security issue. Bare in mind that “his reservation is already canceled on the same day he arrived and money was never deposited into the host account” and “airbnb refunded their money on the same day”.


What did Airbnb advise @airrhost

If the guest is blackmailing you (presume you have the demand for cash payment in writing) then surely it is a police matter. I would not give them a bean. I would rather pay a lawyer.

I didn’t think in the US you had squatters rights before 28 days?

Can you not just change the locks when they go out?


Do you pay TOT taxes? If so call the police back and demand they get these people out of your house. This is a crime, it is called defrauding an innkeeper and it is not just a civil matter. If you are the defrauding the government and NOT paying the tax then you are SOL

Good luck




Yes, do like RRR says and call the police back. If you are paying transient occupancy taxes they should be treating you like they would a hotel. Do you think someone takes up a room at the Hilton like this?

No. No payment and a cancelled reservation means they’re trespassing and should be removed.
The tenancy thing is a red herring.


According to the article I linked above you should have a STR permit. Call the police, show the the permit and do not let them tell you it is a civil matter. Look up defrauding an Innkeeper at cite the code to the police. I would get them out myself then call police.



What a horrible situation. Agree with going back to the police, clarifying to them that it is fraud/trespass because they are not tenants, they are lodgers, have your Airbnb permit and their reservation documentation to show them (i.e., they are not your housemate). You mention “life security” in your message, say you feel unsafe and fear for your life. Contact the media, your misfortune is their good story.

According to this post:

Air is collecting the tax on your behalf?
CALL THE POLICE, educate them on defrauding an innkeeper. You are paying taxes just like a hotel. They would not do this to the Hilton. I would demand they remove the fraudsters and press charges.
Do not let them walk all over you, the police do not want to get involved, not your problem. Call a police supervisor, stay calm and keep at it.

Good luck



I have been giving this some more thought. I would call the police again and when they get there I would tell the police that I pay TOT tax and this is a case of defrauding an innkeeper. I would ask the police to give the guests the option of paying the last four days and leaving NOW or go to jail. DO NOT LET THIS CONTINUE ANOTHER MINUTE

California Penal Code Section 537(a) is the statute, do not let the police bully you.


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Like they said, call the police. Squatters have rights after 30 days like someone mentioned but not until then. You can shut off the utilities or lock them out too because they aren’t tenants and they don’t have legal rights or protections as such. The moment they leave, you can lock them out. Feel free to shut off the gas, water and electric if nothing else works.

Whatever you do, don’t try to physically confront them and force them out. That would technically be illegal and could get you in trouble. They’d probably love to sue you over that.

Go back to the police.

Do not use the words squatter, tenant or lodger.

Use the word transient guest


Trespassing is not a civil matter.


Exactly. I also suggest you show the police the part of the booking where the occupancy taxes are listed.

Occupancy taxes=transient guest

Not a tenant. Not a lodger!!


We know what they say about Karma. She is a b****. Are you still discriminating against guests?

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Update: He is still there this morning.

This is an updated on the information on June 22, Saturday.

  1. No, there is no TOT tax shown on the reservation may be AirBnB suppose to but it does not show.

  2. We went to the police stations, then 4 police cruisers and 5 police officers including one supervisor and one captain rushed over and showed up and had a conference on the side talking to DA about our case. They know this person and has been doing this to extorting others exactly same thing last month.

  3. No we were not aware of any permit lic. that is required for hosting. Thus we don’t have.

  4. AirBnB states reservation is canceled; therefore, we can’t help you.

  5. His demand is not in writing. He says, “…if you can give me an offer of $5,000 in cash we will leave.”

  6. I (Co-host) actually had a “dinner (i bought the pizza for him) with the Extortionist on Friday night”. He has a Go-PRO cam on wherever whenever he goes for 24/7. So it was kinda strange to have a casual dinner with an “Extortionist (one about to rob you).”

Han Solo got captured.

I feel like I am in the movie Star War II in Empire Strikes Back where when Leia (my host that owns the property), Chewbacca (my subconscious mind) and Han Solo (me the co-host) are captured on Cloud City, and I was the one setting up the table actually having a meal (actually I bought a Costco large combo pizza $10.72) “with the Darth Vader (the AirBnB Extortionist guest)” on Friday night June 21.

By the way he ate half of the pizza and says, “oh boy this is damm good…” For me, I had to swallow and I can’t even chew…i haven’t eat all day because of the situation yet the little piece i try to eat…yes, it’s hard. You can’t cry, smile or call 911. I am aware of how vulnerable I am and it’s not a good idea piss him off. Yet I had to keep composed and calm… anything i say will be used against me… I had to try to establish some kinda of communicate and trust thru Costco pizza combo style.


Chino Hills has regulations governing the short-term rental of properties, particularly in residential neighborhoods in the City. For any specific questions or concerns regarding the current law, we urge you to reach out to the City by emailing codeenforcement@chinohills.org or via phone at (909) 364-2757.

You can also review the City’s Staff Report on short-term rentals, up-to-date code, and City Muni Code Site for more information.

I call BS, so your a host since at least 2016 when you joined this forum, the information is just a click away on your airbnb dashboard under local laws. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. I guess the cost of not getting the permit and paying your taxes is you have this problem.

Sorry, no sympathy here.



You bought pizza for a “guest” who has no reservation and has made no payment?


Consult a lawyer and ask if you can lock them out.

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Yes, that is correct. Reservation canceled on Thursday night. Friday night, pizza.

Do you have the right to legally enter the space?

I do since it’s my home; it’s also in my house rules. If I ever run into this situation and the cops aren’t helpful I plan on moving into the space with all the friends, family and dogs we can muster. Once the bathroom door is gone “oh, planned renovations, don’t you know!”, the throat singing and yodeling competitions start. The original version of house rules said something about middle-aged naked twister and turning the bathroom into a tarantula sanctuary.