Squatting Guest LIVE in Real Time ...S.O.S

Does he ever leave the house?

If so, that would be to pack up his things neatly and lock him out.

Can you legally shut off the power, internet and water?

Do any California hosts know the answer to that question?

Concur you will have a hard time if your Airbnb is not legal; would not law enforcement view it as a housemate dispute, a civil matter, in that case?

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This is really quite funny - we have a host who has no regard for the law it seems, and yet expects the law in the form of the police to help him out. :roll_eyes:

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I know, I have no sympathy for him. If he was paying his TOT tax like I do he would not have this problem. Something is off here, 4 days? What in the hell is he waiting for, Pizza? I am blown away. Once the reservation was cancelled I would have had them out. You cannot take advantage of someone without their permission.



Did you read the thread that @KKC posted a little earlier? The one with this guy’s previous comments here? Hilarious stuff :rofl:


I’m not quite following the reason why you dined with the squatter but why haven’t the utilities been shut off?

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I think we are being trolled.



Dear Mr. Mexican, we are not in Mexico here. Why don’t you Google “Turn-off utilities of could face legal actions by the tresspassers and squatter”.

There are laws that protect Squatters and Tresspassers how every limited may be. You are not being trolled and I am not going to reveal whom cus it is LIVE till the case is resolved. Ok then I will no longer ask for your Help Mr. Mexican. Thank you very much and GOOD BYE.

P.S. I thank all of you helping me giving me suggest and ideas in this very trying time…Good Luck to Me and God Bless All of You whom shared my feelings. I have to deal with this to the very end and May be I will go to Cancun for vacation in Mexico in AirBnB credit which I have $100 remaining.

He had been jailed before and not afraid.

I am afraid we just going to have pay the extortion. But here is the problem, he won’t get out of the house till we pay him, I insisted that he get out then I pay, but he said, “no, you paid then i get out”.

What if he does not??? What then?

@airrhost. This forum is no longer available for your use with this problem. There are other forums you can use. Or you can google how to get rid of a squatter in CA.


Thank you @KKC. I had just read the comment to @Mexican and was even in more disbelief than the original topic, the serving dinner to a squatter, and the incredulity of it all.

As mentioned, if this was a real situation, the supposed “squatter’ is trespassing, and any reasonable police department would have them removed since there is no lease, no contract with ABNB, no agreement with this person.

I’m with @RiverRock, this was a troll, milking it for whatever explosions they could set off. :bomb::bomb::bomb: :fireworks: