Guests who lie. And how to deal with it

I find sometimes, guests lie about stuff. The most common one is smoking. I say to myself did they not read the Ad?
No smokers/or no smoking allowed. But when you say specifically “No Smokers”,I still find smokers book and then smoke outside the building. Do they not realize a “no smoker” guest rule was there for a reason, because we don’t want them. Yet some smokers still book. And then you have to awkwardly ignore it that there smokers(even if they will smoke outside)/or bring it up(and be diplomatic and say you can smoke outside despite being annoyed about any smoking).
Guests also sometimes lie about other stuff e.g. there job or age. But the main 1 is guests who book when you put in your Ad “No smokers” it’s annoying when you find out that they are smokers.

I get this one as the place I’m currently staying is allows smoking ‘outside’. Outside is directly under my window and to be honest it’s disgusting. Worse I’m asthmatic and the secondary smoke wafting through the window has started to irritate my lungs and I now need to use my inhaler daily.

Smokers really aren’t aware of how sensitive non-smokers are to cigarettes. They genuinely think nearby but outside is ok. I don’t even know if you can stop people from smoking outside but I totally get your frustration.

You have choices

  1. Give them an Unsatisfactory Review.
  2. Request $15 from the Guest via Dispute and Resolution Panel stating your case and penalty for violation (actually i am going to put that on my listing).

If they violate the policy AirBnB will pay you.


This is what i put now on the listing under

Other Things to Note About This Listing (i know it could be funny but i am dead serious)

airbnb BOOKING POLICY: We require airbnb reservation booked for personal travel to be booked by the person who’s going to stay at the listing. However, for business trips, airbnb allows designated bookers at companies enrolled in airbnb for Business to book trips on behalf of others.

SMOKING POLICY: This is a NON-Smoking area INCLUDING outside of the surrounding premise. Guest violates smoking policy is subject to a $25.00 fine and penalty via Host Resolution after stay.

PAYMENT POLICY: We do not accept cash or Paypal for side deals. All payments are thru airbnb.

OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE GUEST: If guest is very overweight or obese, the booking is subject to cancellation by host or being denied entry at the door.

SICK GUEST: If guest has any kind of health issue such as flu or cold, the booking is subject to cancellation by host or being denied entry at the door.

LOUD SNORING GUEST: If guest is aware of having snoring problem and did not inquire the host on the problem before booking, multiple days booking is subject to revoke and host will not offer satisfactory review to guest on the “one day” experience.

I love the snorers! Lets me know that nothing short of thermo nuclear war could wake them up. After all, I’m not sleeping in the same room with them. Hahaha

No Joke i was going to put this on

SLEEP TALKING GUEST: If guest is “sleep talking”, formally known as “somniloquy”, is a sleep disorder defined as talking during sleep without being aware of it and did not inquire the host on the “talking problem” before booking, multiple days booking is subject to revoke and host will not offer satisfactory review to guest on the “one day” experience.

But i found out it is medically harmless…but it is a distraction during “my sleep”…and i feel like i want to “sleep talking too” as a host and say to the guest, “hey shut da fock up, i am sleeping.” [because i sleep next to the hosting room]


So how long have you been hosting, how many stays so far?

Nov. 1st, 2016 and i have 29 days stay 8 or 9 guests. i gained a lot of knowledge because i bought airbnb hosting course at a cost of $300 on the internet. There is another course for co-hosting which i want to buy for $1,500.00 that dude made $500k from AirBnB last year doing co-hosting. Forbes article, 78 people made a million dollars last year doing airbnb.

Hi @Zandra

Have you asked the host to find somewhere else for guests to smoke as it is affecting your asthma?

Of course he did :blush:

As a fatso myself, I’m curious about the Overweight or Obese guest. Is this an issue of an overweight person potentially breaking your kitchen chair, or not fitting through the door or something?

I’m not easily offended, but if I say this wording on a listing, I’d think ‘what an asshole’.

I can see the point for some of your language, but it is possibly a bit too blunt.

Most obnoxious listing I’ve seen so far. However it appears rude, bigoted behaviour is the new norm. There’s obviously no hospitality being offered here. Do you have fatties weigh themselves st the door to see if they are too big, or do you just decide in the spot?


I think the guy @airrhost (presume it is a guy) is a troll.

Either here to wind people up and/or to sell the bnb courses he bangs on about in his posts.


I don’t smoke, but if I read “no smokers”, I would read that as “no smoking on the premises”.

I’d probably put, “No smokers i.e. if you smoke, do not book here.”


Low life for sure. Suckered into forking out $300 for an online course that is just common sense. Will probably fork over many more $$$ on other get rich courses which won’t help as if the post is real it won’t be long before his personality and rules put off most potential guests.

Our listing says “NO SMOKING ON THE PROPERTY”.


@airrhost that’s probably the most rude and offensive things I’ve seen.

@Helsi I’ve been trying to bear it but it’s hard as I’m waking up feeling more and more ill. I’ve tried staying out more but of course the smokers want their first thing in the day cigarette (7am) and their just before bed one (midnight). There’s literally no escape.

I feel like a drama queen but it’s not even like my room is on the first floor and they’re smoking on the ground floor; there’s a little patio directly outside my window and there’s always someone having a fag.

Two things that for me would make a huge difference would be to be able to exclude smoking properties and pets from my searches on Airbnb… it’s just too risky/uncomfortable for me given my asthma.

My listing says no smoking within 20 feet of house. I’m very sensitive to smoke, had to stop hamecare sending me to homes with smokers, as it was making me sick.

I don’t think anyone would accept smokers indoors anymore - my house rules state that people have to go outside to smoke. But after just installing a security camera I have another reason for not accepting smokers at all… I can see that they’re out having a smoke at 1 a.m. and possibly disturbing the neighbors. As well, I’m sick up picking up butts even though they are supposed to use containers. So I’m changing my policies - NO SMOKING at all!

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