Politics and hosting

I have a feeling this thread might not last long before I shut it down but here goes. I was looking at my upcoming guest’s recent reviews and was looking at the prior places she has stayed. I found this review and response


This is interesting to me because I have two signs in the front of my home that could be considered political and I have every intention of adding signs for candidates when they arrive in the mail.

My listing is pretty clear on at least some of these inclinations as I have one of the signs that’s in the front as the second picture in my listing. As far as my dog boarding business goes I don’t care if I lose clients, but I’d hate for an Airbnb guest to feel uncomfortable. I also feel strongly about the election so removing the signs isn’t going to be an option. I only have one more booking after tomorrow’s. Should I just shut down until after the election? Take a chance on a bad review? Put an additional picture of the front of my house after I get all my signs in place?


Put up the sign, take a picture, put it on your listing. You will be much happier booking folks that can actually think.

In about a week, I’ll have a fence full, across the whole front of the yard. I’m on a neighborhood secondary street at a 3 way stop sign. Every candidate want a sign here.


Good idea. …Your yard, your rentals, your right to have an opinion, I agree post your signs.

For your safety, this year’s elections are so vocal, divided, aggressive, disheartening, threatening, etc. it’s better to have all up front than have a political fanatic see something they don’t expect, take exception to and go off the deep end.

There is too much bizarre behavior this year; stay safe.


@KKC Interesting that you bring this up. There was just a post a couple days ago on the CC in the Host Circle section on exactly this. There have been a lot of responses, most saying to do whatever you feel you want to, it’s your home, but to post photos of the signs in the listing so no one books who’ll have an issue with it.

You might want to take a look at that thread.

I’ve never brought up politics with my guests, but they certainly have, since it’s such a hot topic that most everyone is interested in one way or the other, and I’m fine with engaging in a political discussion as long as the guest has similar leanings to mine.

What I found interesting is that all my guests but one were liberal anti-Trumpers, so those are the sort of people who are apparently attracted to my listing.
Suggesting in my listing info that my place is well-suited to those who want to practice yoga, work on their art, or write, or read those novels they haven’t had a chance to get around to, likely helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


I imagine the guest posted that review specifically to spite a host who didn’t share the same political view. People are as emotional about political views as they are about religious views, and I wouldn’t advertise, promote, or even discuss either of them with my guests.


I cannot imagine checking in to a place with a trump sign if there was a motel 6 within 100 miles I would stay there first. Hopefully a Hilton with a ground floor room (no elevators)



Most of the places I’ve stayed have ways of communicating their values. Not only do I read the listing and look at every picture carefully but I also read the hosts profile. However, there’s always going to be a chance I’m staying with a person whose values I don’t share. I certainly wouldn’t expect a hotel to be less objectionable in that regard.

As a guest, I don’t want to be confronted w/ your views (political, religious, reproductive, etc.) during my holiday. As with many folks these days, my family and friends have mixed political viewpoints. I’m paying for a relaxing stay, not to strike discord amongst my people as we arrive at your destination.

I agree w/ @NordlingHouse that you should prominently display a political party or sign in your listing, if that’s your thing, then let a guest decide if they want to book your place. I would pass.


I have a few questions for you:

What’s the point in being your own boss and running your own business if you can’t do things the way you want?

Then don’t. Your house, your opinions and your right to express them.


  1. You have 600+ reviews. You could stomach quite a few bad ones and it wouldn’t make any difference at all on your rating. What’s the point in putting in all the time and effort for the good ones if you don’t take the pleasure in absorbing some unfair ones?

  2. If someone wrote you a bad review because you have a bunch of democrat and liberal political signs up during one of the most important election years ever, would that really be the worst thing? I bet ONE of those, would effectively prevent any additional because people that will be that offended by your signs probably won’t book your place right now after reading that review. And is that such a bad deal?

I have never been one for candidate signs, but we do have a large BLM sign in one of our windows. If a guest drives up and sees it and is offended, I’d be happy to refund their money and delete their door code. If they write me a bad review for having a BLM sign in the window, I think that they are ultimately writing a bad review of themselves. And I guess I’d just have to take one for the team, so to speak ,)

As a guest, personally, I’d feel like I was in the right place :slight_smile:


Hubby and I had this discussion before we even decorated our place . We decided that since we are in the hospitality business we would try to make our place as neutral as possible. We also wanted to attract as many guests as possible as we were just starting. So we have no political signs, no art or little sayings that have God in them, no animal heads or hunting references etc.Did not consider environmental/political so I did not realize that teflon pans, air freshners, and microfiber sheets could be included in the above—and I am transitioning away from them— but have learned some things on this forum to my surprse! So for us the right thing is to offend as little as possible. But that was hard for us we are passionate as well about our world.

There’s definitely something to be said for this. However I also thought about this when I first started in regards to some of my other decor. I have some rainbow colored mini prayer flags with Spanish and English and OMs on them. I had some Tibetan Prayer flags on my front porch, though I don’t currently. And what I decided then was that they were staying in my home and I wasn’t going to change who I was.

Now they stay at my home, not in my home so a little different but I still lean towards, “this is who I am, stay here or don’t.” I’m also not going for the “be so bland as to not offend anyone” vibe. In other words, I don’t want to be too hotel like. Marriott doesn’t care if I’m offended by a Book of Mormon in the room. They are who they are.

This is a good point and someone complaining in the review would be a good way to highlight this for other guests.

Yes, me too. And if they stayed anyway and complained later I could just reply like the host did in my screenshot above. I’d say. “Sorry you didn’t enjoy your visit. I’ve donated the proceeds of your stay to Black Lives Matter.” :wink:

One thing for sure, my “In this house” sign must not be deterring guests. I’ve had it in my profile well over a year.


I know this a common choice and I am not criticizing it. However, you really can’t please everyone. And a lot of people stay at Airbnbs because they often have more personality than a hotel chain. I guess it just depends on what crowd you want to attract. I don’t want to attract the bland-loving easily-offended types. I also believe that the bland-loving easily-offended types are likely more prone to make complaints and be fussy guests. And I want guests to choose my place over a downtown hotel even if I cost more and that has worked out very well for me, but it probably depends on location, etc.

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We had some guests that were going to 2 ( Reagan and Nixon) presidential libraries nearby. I just assumed they were republicans. Now thru instagram, I see they are supporting Biden! After they came we went to the Reagan library for the Pompeii exhibit, which was cool!

There must be something in all my verbage that makes me come cross as welcoming to all. I only discriminate against pets and smokers<><> However I have nothing specifically in my listing or photos that shows which way I lean. Or did I put that Rolling Stone article in the handbook??

btw it was 100 degrees all night here, 1st time ever in 9 years that we left the a/c on. Someone died on a trail in Malibu yesterday. 10:30 a.m. now it is 112. I offered the guests a refund for their second night if they were uncomfortable due to unprecedented heat. They declined, and are happy as clams:)


Where? Sorry, I don’t grok this acronym. :wink:

Mind you, I do have a lot of freedom this election cycle because I’m not open. :wink:

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I wouldn’t. The weather’s not your fault. Your guests knew California is having a heat wave. Why would anyone expect a refund?

It rained 44 inches here in July. If I had been open and guests had asked for refund due to rain, I would have refused. Folks know we’re in a temperate rain forest when they book.

The whale watch operators here state right up front that they don’t offer refunds due to rain, and only refund when they cancel due to wind or wave conditions. Are we now going to have to start making the same kinds of statements in our listings? I hope not.

This is an extremely contentious election, and as an independent voter I notice how Trump frequently talks about how bad the “democrat” party is and how democrat states and cities are unpatriotic. You should have the right to leave up your signs, but be aware of the ugly divide in the USA that can affect your user experience. We do not put up any political signs for that reason, and also because putting up a sign or a bumper sticker has no affect on how people vote. Personally, seeing how Trump brags about how he was successful with his many bankruptcies because he was able to get thru it ok, despite stiffing customers and vendors, I am skeptical about doing business with people who think thats admirable or ok.
But i completely support your right to banners and voting how you want.


I know, usually there is no refund ever offered. Except:

  1. fire nearby or excessive smoke

  2. dessicating Santa Anna winds over 30 mph. Up to 75mph. Usually on hot days…

“newly added” #3) over 108 for two days in a row with night time temps not decreasing to under 100 degrees. Never seen this in 9 years. Last night-tonights guests love it and declined refund.

  1. I really do not want anyone here unless they are happy.
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A rental place, IMO, should not have anything political or religious displayed. The space should be generic so that everyone feels at home. I personally would have gagged the minute I walked in and saw TRUMP crap! LOL


I have some guests who have been here 3 times. The guy is an ex Marine and has, among other things, a “Don’t tread on me” sticker on his car. We chatted in late April. They are the only people who stayed with me between closing on 19 Mar and my friend arriving in late May. It was clear then that they were losing their patience for restrictions. I could easily see the woman voting D and the man voting R. I could also see them in a “right winger boat parade.” Who knows?

I wouldn’t assume someone going to Presidential museums are Republican but there are also more Republicans who are voting D this year.

Bottom line, I won’t discriminate but if someone is so hardcore that they are uncomfortable staying with a left-liberal, then that’s fine with me.