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Need help with response for a review


Ugh, I JUST NOW got a review from one of these types. I should have known, and declined with the very first red flag from this brand-new profile, which was this message that came attached to her booking request: “It took me over an hour to book usinf airbnb app. I wonder if people give up and look elsewhere.”

Here is my listing where you can see her review at the top along with all of the others we’ve received over the years we’ve been doing this: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1931087

I need help with a response. She did not communicate once with me during her four night stay, did not acknowledge anything I messaged to her during her trip. I only wish I’d reviewed her now, at least to say she was non-communicative…sigh.

Extremely critical guests

Here is the lovely private feedback I received:


Thanks! Yes, probably a good idea, I appreciate it! Ugh. I knew one was coming one of these days. My first one-star… :disappointed:


If there is any consolation, so very many hosts now are using the chrome extension. No one will rent to this nasty knob after reading her crap…

I’m not sure I would even respond. But if you do it cannot be defensive. Refer to the guest in the third person.

It’s unfortunate this guest didn’t enjoy her stay. She never communicated with us. Her allegations here are untrue. To future guests, as you can see by our numerous five star reviews, we offer a beautiful home at a good value and have many many happy guests during the blank years we have been hosts.

Something like that, but be aware that when you respond, it expands the whole mess until it finally scrolls off the page.

Maybe some family and friends can book for $10 a night and leave five star reviews to help it roll off the page.

Ugh, you know… these things Just mess with your head, and they shouldn’t. Easy to say, as I have been there done that so many times.

Some guests suck. They are cruel and heartless and they can go to He**.

Foot stomp!!!


UGHHHHHHH. Jacqueline can suck it!!! Horrible woman!
Try calling Air? It might violate some content standards?

If I were looking to rent your darling place I would laugh her review off, and think, next, she was obviously was dropped on her head as a tot. Miserable cow!


Sorry Natalie, I cannot really suggest what to put in the review, but I just wanted to say her review borders on offensive.
Sounds like she is a high maintenance guest (it is not your fault that it took her an hour to book) and I am sorry you got an unfavorable review. Hopefully it will soon be buried under new positive reviews.


She herself is junk that needs to be cleared out and thrown away. Hateful! Sorry, this makes my blood boil!


But because I didn’t review her, her review of my place won’t show up on her profile. The extension only works if there’s a host review to tie it to.



I’m going to take new photos tomorrow after my currrent (lovely) guests leave. The place looks much better now than it did several years ago when these photos were taken by air. Usually people appreciate the difference (underpromise/overdeliver) but I guess there’s always that one person…

Couldn’t even make coffee??? I have a keurig and provide k-cups!

Just poured myself a glass of wine. Sigh.


I just scrolled through my notes and realized that this is the guest who also hid my guestbook. I eventually found it during cleaning but now it all makes sense…


Nasty, nasty, nasty … sadly, some people just are. Nothing to suggest except that her review says much more about her than it does about you, and most sensible future guests will see that. If it wasn’t that we know Air doesn’t take reviews down I’d suggest complaining to them …


Even as i’m typing my mouth is hanging open in shock! That is horrible! I agree with konacoconutz. I would respond, but not defensive.
I think your place is stunning! Some people really do not understand character. I just recently sold my 100 yr old character home and some people got it and loved the place as I did and some… you could tell that they just don’t get the richness of character and the beautiful wood, etc. I can’t imagine how someone could write such a horrible review! Sorry you have to deal with that. Wow


Thanks, you guys. I have a few guest reviews pending that I’m pretty sure will be great (judging by the guestbook that I was able to put back out after she’d hid it) that I’m going to write right now. And I have 30 days to respond so I’m going to simmer for a bit first. My gut tells me to just respond with “Wow.” but I will hold off. LOL.


OK…are you sure this person does not know you, or has a friend in the area and she is trying to sabotage you?


So sorry but yes, guests reveal themselves in their messages. I just had one like this who inquired for a booking this Thursday and immediately complained about the Airbnb cancellation policy and could I waive it as she wasn’t sure of her plans and she then proceeded to ask me questions about the listing that are clearly in my description if she would only have read it.
Since it was an inquiry, I immediately blocked the day she was asking about and told her it was just booked and I have no control over Airbnb policies.
Then I went to her profile and blocked her. I’m pretty sure we dodged a bullet. She has one review (apologetic host) and left a negative review for her first stay as she left early due to a barking dog in the neighborhood.
This is why we don’t have instant book.


Well, she did mention this when I asked what brings her to Oak Park (after explaining that I have no control over the payment options Airbnb offers):

“I grew up on Chicago and my three sisters live in the area. My youngest sister is celebrating her 60th birthday and we are surprising her with our presence.”

Sooooo…you could be onto something there. But if this is a local competition thing, I am one of the main reasons (through civic action) why Airbnb has stayed legit here. Her messages were always riddled with typos, so I’m not sure if she grew up ON Chicago (street three blocks away) or IN Chicago…


I would not review at all. She’s obviously a nutter and that will be apparent to other potential guests.


I think I may just let it go. I have plenty of time to change my mind, but really, it’s not going to prove anything either way. I’m just irritated. There goes superhost for October. Not that it matters…


I hear yah… but what is worse is giving these scum buckets five stars and thumbs up!!! Like I did recently!!!

Look for a PM, Natalie.


Wait I think it will show ANY review they left for a host! Let me check on it from my end?

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