Lately, a lack of communication from guests in whole-home rentals

Is anyone else seeing this? We provide keyless entry for a whole home rental (it’s the first floor apartment of our two-flat where we live upstairs).

Used to be that guests would message when they arrive, or depart, or just in general. But lately, most guests just…don’t say anything. It’s odd to me, and something that I’ve just started noticing recently.

Why don’t you message them? I can tell when guests arrive because a) I see their car b) I see that the lights are on / off (as the case may be) and c) I might have seen them arrive and bring in their luggage.

So I send them a welcome email.

Guests tend to rely on hosts for communication, not the other way around.


I do! I just get nothing back in response. It’s just odd! Today, for example, I had a guest depart after a four-day stay. Obviously she read the check-in email, because she got in! But didn’t answer any questions about car permit, arrival time, etc. Then I noticed the light was off in the hall entry and messaged her how to turn it back on (a single button press on a switch by her door inside her apartment). The light was still off after she left, so I don’t even think she read the message. If she went in and out after dark, she would have surely had trouble seeing her way.

I do also ask guests to message me when they leave, and most used to, but lately no one does. Or, if they do, they do it the following day, which is not terribly helpful. It’s just something new that I’ve noticed. Maybe it’s just me.

Put it in the rules, ‘please message me when you arrive’. Why not aim to meet the guests at some point anyway?

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I am going to “Wake up” this topic rather than post a new one. I am also having issues with guests not communicating once they get into the house. These are Not international guests that may have data limits. They all communicate really well Before they Check In but getting them to answer after they do is rare to not happening at all.

What I am seeking here is - Do hosts want to know about this failure in the Communications? Should I note in the review that they communicate well until they check in? I know I can knock a star off but not everyone can see the guest star ratings. I almost hate to say anything in the review, it seems a bit petty if they did everything else well. As a host, I wouldn’t refuse someone that had that in a review. I would appreciate the forewarning and hopefully be able to address it in my communications with them by saying something like “I really need an answer when I contact you after Check In, Thanks so much” in some form. I hate to sound like I am checking up on them, even though I am in a way, just to make sure that all is well. I know many folks think No News Is Good News, but we all know that with ABB guests, that isn’t always the case. Also, any suggestions on a nice way to word needing an answer, I am open to.

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What I think happens is that guests sign up with Airbnb and use an e-mail that they don’t check often, then they don’t install the app on their phone, so they only get Airbnb messages when they need to see them. If I send a guest a message and need a response but don’t get one, I follow up with a text message to their phone. So far, that has always worked.


As far as this host is concerned, the answer is no.

If a host wants to know when guests arrive or leave and it’s essential for them to do so, then they should try to get a better system - the reason being that people usually do things for their own purposes, not for other people’s.

Not all guests have the Airbnb app on their phones and if they do, they don’t necessarily have notifications turned on. There’s no real reason for them to do so - it’s more of a host thing. Truly, as a guest it would probably never occur to me that the host was relying on me for arrival/departure information.

Many of us don’t check email regularly these days. I remember a time years ago when I used to check email every few minutes - these days I check it once a day on working days, that’s all.


This was discussed in another thread recently and I had the same question. I have self check in and separate space and I think that goes hand in hand with guests that don’t want to be bothered. So they might be a 5 star guest for me but not for someone else. I decided I’m going to review for their stay with me and not worry about what other hosts need. But if I send messages and don’t get answers I do deduct a star.

I’m also going to keep sending whatever messages I send so it’s in the record that I’m checking in even if they don’t reply.

I got a booking from a guy with no real photo and his booking message was this: pgus

My reply to him was “I’ll send check in information in the 10th, thanks.” I’m not going to spend time messaging guests who have no time or interest in interacting with me. I got no reply of course and don’t expect one. I should be glad, fewer messages means less work.

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Ok, then not review worthy. I may or may not knock off a star, we will see when the weekend is said and done. It is usually check on you the following day messages that are getting ignored. I asked on the platform, if they don’t respond or let me know about issues ahead of time, it is documented. Thanks All!

I just had a guest who was good except for not replying to me twice when I asked what their arrival and departure times were- once at booking and once close to their stay. I do think I’m going to take a star off communication and mention it in their review. I have self check-in, but it’s nice to know when I should be absolutely sure to be listening for my phone, etc.

I don’t think I’d mention in a review that someone didn’t respond to messages while they are here- I don’t love it, but it’s fine. And at least I’d have my message to them with no response if they decide to complain later.

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Having had some high maintenance guests. I have no problem with no communication. Much better than over communication.


@Brandt my view is 180 degrees from yours. I don’t think I’ve ever had a guest overcommunicatw though. I did have one rate me 2 do over communication but she had tons of complaints but then would never respond about whether she was satisfied each time I fixed them.

I also did have another guest complain in her review that she felt like she was staying at a relatives house because of “all the check ins” even though it was only one check in communicated three times in as many days before she bothered to respond.

Oh well. They both got low stars from me for communication as well.

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I’ve got an IB not communicating unless I text her phone and ask her to check Airbnb inbox. I told her if she would set up Airbnb to notify her via sms text when she gets a Airbnb in box message. Her response —she’s used Airbnb several times and didn’t use it. 46 hours after her IB she isn’t responding

I want to keep communication on the Airbnb thread. Tomorrow noon if I still haven’t heard from her, I’m canceling because I am uncomfortable with this guest.

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Perhaps if you let her know first (by Airbnb and text) you will get compliance. If not, then she will learn her lesson…maybe. But certainly won’t be bothering you any longer.

Fair statement, good thought by you—I told her my concern about communication and told her that I thought setting her notifications to include sending text notifications would help.

I’m conflicted on how much hand-holding I should do. She’s already shared with me she is an experienced Airbnb traveler & didn’t use/need it before. She’s young. I’m not her mother. If she were new to Airbnb I would be more generous in my hand-holding.

I need to think about this.

What info are you looking to receive?


I understand your question.

As we all know, guests don’t read. My major points I need them to acknowledge include:

—-My unit is self-service cleaning meaning the guest must either bring their linens or they can use the ones at the rental but they must wash & dry the ones available at the condo.

—-Also they must do their exit cleaning (saves the guest $150-$200 on their rental-cleaning services charge a premium in my area). (My unusual self-service cleaning has been discussed at length in another thread)

—-My condos are not child proof. there may be chemicals stored under sinks. Furniture corners are not padded. Outlets are not covered.

Guests look at pictures, read reviews, and request to book. My goal is to make sure accurate expectations are set.

@Annet3176. I certainly understand your feelings. Perhaps something like this might get you thinking.

Guest, I am glad that you booked with me and are an experienced guest at other listings so you understand each one is different. Mine is often very different from the “average” listing and because of that I require good, prompt communication from guests to ensure they enjoy it. I want you to be happy here and without good communication I prefer not to have guests stay. Please consider this as you desire to stay here and do not want your reservation canceled.



I would just consider putting that in your house rules. Airbnb prompts those during the booking process so guests should see them prominently.

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