Last minute review

I have heard other hosts post about how to review last minute without giving the guest time to review. How do I do that? I just received the notification that I have two days left to review the guest. Thanks.

If only there were other topics that debate how to do that. :wink:


Although I totally understand the idea of waiting until the last minute to leave a review, I don’t see how that would ever work in my case as even when a guest leaves her review first I rarely get the notifications. If I write my review first then I almost never get a notification that the guest has reviewed afterwards. I don’t know if it is just me or what.

The iPhone app always notifies me immediately after the guest submits the review. E-mail notifications are not consistent, though. Usually several hours later.

I have a Samsung. I don’t get the app notifications that a review has been left. I think I used to… but honestly don’t remember.

Please explain why you would wait until the last minute to review? In the case of a “bad review” couldn’t you just wait 48 hours after they post? That would be after their time frame of allowing the review to be changed? What am I missing?

As soon as your review posts (assuming the guest has already submitted a review) they’re unable to edit theirs, they can only respond to your review.

I believe the timing issue (waiting until the last moment to review the guest) has to do with hoping the guest will not be able to leave a review at all.

Let’s assume you just had a guest who left your place a mess, didn’t respond to your messages and left an hour after check out (‘cause your security camera told you so). As they’re generally clueless, inconsiderate and entitled, they don’t have any intention of leaving a review (“Why should I? I don’t leave reviews for my hotel stays unless they suck…”). They just go on their merry, clueless way.

You, being a considerate host, want to alert future hosts to this jerk so you immediately write a review that dings them on cleanliness, communication and not following the rules. Joe/Jane Clueless quickly receives the notification that you have submitted a review (“Wait…what? I didn’t realize they could do that! Oh, crap…I bet it says something awful about the mess, and the late checkout, and that lamp I accidentally broke and tried to hide*, and…”). JC figures you are probably going to say bad things about them…and realizes that if you’ve said something negative about them, well, they might as well point out your place’s flaws…or maybe invent some.

Reviewing 14 days out reduces/eliminates their window of opportunity for having this realization and acting on it.

*Waiting also gives you a chance to find that broken lamp.


To be clear, I don’t think this applies to a clueless/ignorant guest. It applies to a guest that had a confrontation with the host or was otherwise caught breaking the rules, or any guest that knowingly broke the rules and thinks the host found out.

Thanks for the insight!

i dont like that. if i dont do it immediately after they leave I’ll forget about it.

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If the guests have done something truly awful, I don’t forget about it. :angry: You can always draft a review right away and wait to submit it.

I have so many guests that by the time Airbnb reminds me that I need to write a review, I have to ask myself who they were. That same day. However if I feel that other hosts should not be subjected to a particular guest, I either make notes immediately on my personal calendar or go on Airbnb to the section where you can write notes about a particular guest that only you see. Otherwise it is forgotten by me. And then I ruminate. I have discovered that many guests especially foreigners, do not realize that you won’t see their review until you write yours. So if they know they have been intolerable, they write me a glowing review perhaps thinking I will see it and it will soften my heart so my review will be positive as well. One thing that always troubles me is that I don’t take guests unless they have all good reviews. So when I have nothing good to say about that guest, I often decide it must be me and I don’t write the review at all.

of course i won’t forget what they’ve done, i’ll forget to write the damn review! so, what’s the point in waiting 14 days, i don’t understand. many things can happen in 14 days. I could get hit by a car and end up in the hospital, in cast and could not write the review. why not write it when it happens?