Leaving a last minute review

Hi, I just had a female guest who wouldnt admit to missing items. Also many other issues inc a load of visitors through the week which i only discovered from a neighbour. I am a superhost and never had a worse guest (who pretends to be really nice)
Surprisingly she has all good reviews.
Money is not the main issue, so I decided on an honest measured review rather than wasting time going through airbnb.

As I know she will retaliate once she knows I wrote a review, I want to post it at the last minute.
2 questions, once airbnb states its 1 day left to write review, is that the actual last day to leave a review?
Also, as I live in Thailand, am I still going on pacific time to write it?
Many thanks


It’s exactly 14 days from the time stamp on your first notification email to leave a review. You can watch the seconds tick down on your dashboard starting at one hour before. It’s in your time zone.

A word of caution … do NOT write anything that includes what the neighbors saw. That’s hearsay and they will remove it (BTDT) You must write your own experience, so be sure not say it was something someone else saw.

I speak from experience when I say, it’s always a good idea to be sure to review their content guidelines before you leave a smack down. Any little thing you say wrong can get it removed by the guest.

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Thanks thats great advice. I’d forgotten about guidelines.
I may post it on here first (with name removed) so it can be reviewed by u guys

She alao left the keys in the front door and neighbour had to knock on door.
Can I just write that she left the keys in the door?

The other thing is she flatly refused to discuss anything on airbnb app after i had to resort to contacting her on whatsapp when she didnt tell me her arrival time. Will this be a factor that we didnt have any discussion on airbnb ? Ie if she wants it removed

You should say she left the home unsecured upon checkout in violation of the rules and refused to communicate through the platform.


Thanks for this. These content guidelines are tricky. I can see I have to keep it very lawyer speak…

I have 10 days to write it, so will put something down on paper this wknd and post it on here.

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I think you can say she had visitors. Just don’t say the report came from the neighbor.

Yes – “very lawyer speak” – no emotions, just verifiable facts – she left the place unlocked, household items disappeared during her visit, she refused to communicate through AirBnb platform.

Lesson you should now have learned – NEVER communicate outside AirBnb. You could have called Air and had her removed for violation of the TOS.

Unless you had a full photographic inventory of the place, there’s almost no way to get compensation for things that have “disappeared”. Since you live so far from the rental, you should seriously consider video camera coverage to document people entering/leaving the space.

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