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How to leave a last minute review - testing


I know we discuss this ad nauseam but in the past there has been two schools of thought so I wanted to chime in “again”. There are people who say that it is exactly 14 days from your check out time and others say that it is 14 days from when you receive the email asking you to review the guest. I have been told a few times by AirCS that it is from the check out time so that is what I have believed.

The past couple of weeks I have been running “tests” to determine which is the correct advice. My testing has showed that it is 14 days from the time when your receive the first email asking you to write the review. I apologise that in the past I have been regurgitating the incorrect info that Airbnb told me.

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Last minute review

I have found that that is NOT ALWAYS the case. I have also been told by AirCS most recently that it is until 11:59 pm on the day BEFORE the 14th day of checkout, regardless of the time that the email is sent from Air to review Guest and regardless of what time checkout was or was supposed to be.


I can only comment on my testing over the last couple of weeks and in those instances it is has been 14 days from the review email. It’s so confusing that CS constantly gives us different information.


I am confident the window closes two weeks after the first “please review” email.

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I’ve only done the last-minute review once, but it did work out to be exactly 2 weeks from the date/time of that first reminder email.


It’s just not worth the aggro to muck about with ‘last second’ nonsense. Just post the negative review and get on with life!


Ken, I would say, from recent experience, that not waiting until the last moment to post a negative review would/could create far more aggro. If the diatribe a guest recently posted, in response to my factually negative review, I would probably have needed to spend hours/days getting it removed, even though her consumate (and laughable) lies were verifiable by her booking and subsequent message thread. As it stands, her late post went onto her profile for hosts to judge, and I simply got on with life!


If the guest lives in a different time zone does she/he have 6 hours more time than you for a heads up that you reviewed them at the last minute?


I don’t know the answer to that one, however as a guest the reviews you see first are the ones from people from your own country and then guest’s that speak your language.


I usually get the email from Airbnb the same day guests check out. I wonder if it varies by location. I’m in the USA. Guests check out by 11 AM and later that afternoon (around 3 PM) I get the email asking me to review guests.

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Same. Seems like I get the email about 3 hours after checkout time.

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I have recently seen (ONLY ON THE APP) a more specific time left before review period ends. I have seen it say an hour, minutes and then it said a few minutes (go figure). I recommend waiting until it gets to like 5 minutes and then waiting a few minutes, refreshing and then posting the last couple minutes. To do this though I would have already written the review and left the stars but then save and exit instead of finish. That can be done as soon as you like as long as you wait until the end to actually “finish.” When I did it I used the app on my phone for the tracking and actually did the review on the website on my laptop. This prevented issues in refreshing the tracking from messing up the actual review going through at the last minute or so.

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