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Accuracy of Timing for Last Minute Review; help please!


I would appreciate checking out my understanding of how to get this right please.

If the guest(s) checked out, as planned, at 10 am BST, do I post my “excoriating” review a minute before 10 am 14 days later, e.g. they checked out at 10 am on 16th September, so i should post my exocet on 3rd October?

Thanks in anticipation!

Last minute review

it’ll tell you how long you have left to leave a review on airbnb


@smartbnb.io has a feature that will time the review for you and is a great service overall. The founder Pierre is a member of the forum and will answer questions directed to him. You should look into the service and he will be happy to help you even if you don’t end up subscribing to the service.

@HappyHost just went through this and probably also knows the answer though she used this service. However, be aware that they can still repsond to your review even if you leave it last minute. Their response will show up on their profile not yours, but still, it might bother you.

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I found out about SmartBNB on here only a few months ago and I’ve been extremely happy with it even though I haven’t had to use this feature yet. It’s been extremely helpful for automating follow up review request 3 days after the trip and has pushed my review rate way up and I don’t have to mentally keep track of follow up anymore.


(Off-topic @Joan)

Wow, two new words for me! At my age and as much as I’ve read, I have never seen or heard of the words “excoriating” and “[E]xocet” and could not even guess at their meaning. It was fun to look them up and learn two new words - thank you!


Try what I’ve outlined here:


Exocet - a guided missile developed by the French government for use against ships

Now, that’s bound to fail spectacularly!

(I’m reminded of that Google suggestion, when you typed ‘French Military Victories’, it said “Do you mean ‘French Military Defeats’?” !!)

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This is true, I did just go through this (n the past week) and, as well, am completely blank as to how to do it. However, Pierre is a superstar, so if you just go to the Smartbnb website, and look at the information, you should be able to figure it out. Once I set it up, I received an email from them, and when I responded to it, asking for help, Pierre immediately responded and made sure everything was set up to for the review to go out at the very last minute (he helped me out by telling me what had to be changed so that it would work).

I was also confused about how much time I actually had left, but like @Astaire mentioned, once you get to the last 24 hours of the time you can still write a review, it does do the countdown. @konacoconutz told me to check on the Dashboard which is where I could see it, as well.

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Pierre says it’s on the time stamp of the first email notification you get. In your own time zone.


The Husband once told me, when we first met, that I had swallowed the OED… I’ll try to keep it up; always happy to entertain!

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Thanks Astaire. That’s really helpful.

I’ve signed up to a free trial of Smartbnb but have felt quite overwhelmed by the constant market reports on a daily basis, and these haven’t been as relevant to us as other providers.


Another really helpful response. Thank you. I will contact Pierre for advice. There’s a large part of me that just simply wants to send it off now and get rid of the whole episode, once and for all, bugger the consequences!


I know. It’s a pain, but I’ve done it both ways, and still prefer the Pierre/Smartbnb way. Essentially if you do it this way, there’s likely to be less (or dare I say zero) lash back from the bad guest(s)! Please keep us posted! Good luck!


Don’t send it now!!! If the stay didn’t go well it will prompt them to write something bad immediately. They have nothing to lose so they will definitely do it.


Kona, you are quite right of course, and no, I haven’t done it yet; I’ll wait til the last minute. They were so calculatingly, piss takingly awful though, I’m hoping Air will cancel their account. I posted elsewhere about their stay, so won’t repeat here again. Perhaps I should speak to Air in the meantime perhaps???


You could call, but what result are you expecting now? I know sometimes Air removes accounts but it has to be a pretty egregious infraction.

I think just wait and see what happens. Leave your review at the last second unless they write one first.

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