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Hi all. I’m a host in Chile with various properties. For the past 4 years all has been great with Airbnb but for the last 3 months they have been seriously delaying payouts. We now are owed 6000+ U.S. aculmuated since begining of July. I call daily and just get stone walled. Unable to speak to anyone who can shine any light or really make a difference. I don’t have cash to pay upcoming mortages because they are not paying us. Anyone out there going trough the same? Any advice?

One would be to immediately quit booking via Airbnb until you get this settled. Use other platforms or direct book in the interim.

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Have you received no money at all or are you just seeing the money come in much later than expected?

A few hosts have complained that they stopped getting payments from Airbnb in the past couple months because Airbnb sent them an e-mail and asked them to update their payout method. The host’s payout method was was all correct, but Airbnb stopped paying them because there was something wrong on their end somewhere. One host mentioned that deleting the current payout method and then adding it back solved the issue.

Here’s one of the recent threads if you didn’t see it already.

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Thanks so much Brian. We have not received any payments since mid August and that one was more than a month overdue. We’re currently owed over 6k on stays dating back to July 8. I’ve spending hours a day on the phone for the last 20 days and nothing, nothing, nothing is solved. If they do not sort this out in the next couple of days I’m going to have to let a loan to pay some mortgages…!

@JJD this is the thread you should post about that scam on.

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And we did change the payment method a week ago to no avail. What amazes me in the lack of feedback. I seriously thi k they are doing it on purpose to play with the cash.

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Have you tried creating a stink on social media? Several people on this forum seem to have gotten things solved faster via that route. Certainly worth a shot. Make a holy show out of them!

We had the same issue last year.

Seems the bank they are using hase the same low quality level as their own customer service.

Contact your own bank and check if they changed something. The bank AirBnB is using is very lax in updating their systems so Payments to other banks often fail.

So I am experiencing this now. I have guests who have been here over 24 hours and no transfer of payment yet. It’s the last big weekend of the summer on the coast of North Carolina, high rates for me, good booking and no payment. I was already looking at a delay before seeing it in my account due to the holiday on Monday. AirBnB’s crack customer service is telling me not to worry they have their dedicated support team on it but they have no explanation. Might be my first call to customer service in a couple of years.

I got yesterday’s payment fine but today’s never arrived. I thought it was related to the fact that yesterday’s reservation for today was canceled and this was a replacement and maybe the system is confused by the refund issue between the two reservations. But it could be system wide. And as someone in the thread posted…just delay payouts here and there occasionally, inflate the float and make thousands of “free” dollars over time.

I just got off the phone with Air. They are having a system problem, they’ve had a lot of calls. Mine is showing pending but they don’t know why it has not transferred. CSR was very helpful and has already sent me a direct link to contact her. I’ll update when I know something.


Hi. It seems the thing is simply to change the payout method (from WU to direct bank transfer) as suggested by some people here. We’d previously tried changing the payout person (there’s three names, all via WU) to no avail. We did this and almost immediately received confirmation the payout way going ahead. I disconcerted that this simple action could do the trick but that nobody in Airbnb suggested this until I mentioned it aftyer reading it here. Their response was like ‘yeah, you could try that and see if it helps…’ Amazing. Thanks all for your feedback!

We are more knowledgeable on the whole than Airbnb CS on the whole. I’m convinced of that.


It seems you’re right, but that’s crazy! I was going absolutely spare, being passed from one case manager to another, days after days being asked the same dumbass questions by them.


FWIW I have direct bank deposit. The CSR said there is a problem on their end. She did ask what time I usually get my transfer and I told her I’m usually notified before 10:00 am. She freely admitted that my years of experience made me much more knowledgeable than her!! Smh


As of this time I still have not been paid. Neither of the CSRs I was working with yesterday have responded by email or phone. I am now seeking help on Twitter. Additional update: Last evening, my monthly earnings total for August switched from the correct amount to almost $400 less, essentially deducting the current guest’s booking payout. However, it still shows under pending payments.

That kinda makes sense since August is over and you didn’t get those earnings in August.

The better question is, do the earnings that were reduced from August now show up under September?

It is not showing for either month and the posted earnings for August do not accurately reflect what my actual earnings were. Even though it’s not showing in the dollar amount earnings for the month it is still reflected on the bar chart showing that there are still unpaid funds for August. Does that make sense?

@KKC Did your payment get released yet? Mine has not and I have now been told by the CSR who started out so helpful that “payments aren’t released till 5-7 days after the guest stays.” They really are not trained.

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