Is anyone else having payment issues during August 2019?

Hello hosting community,

Just wondering if anyone else is not getting paid due to issues with the payment system during this month of August?

I have opened three separate case files on this matter and only during the last communication did the agent advise some hosts are experiencing a delay with payments and they are working to resolve it but could not offer a resolution date.

I also received notification that I no longer had a payment preference set up and I have never made any changes - they advised this was part of the issue- it would help me out to know if this is impacting anyone else or if they are blowing me off.

I have not received payments for three weeks and feel this is unacceptable.

Thank you for any feedback directly related to this issue.

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I recently noticed a “pending payment” from September 2018 in my transactions list which had not been processed.

When I contacted CS about it they said it was because, at the time, my payment method was not verified. I thought this odd but then remembered a couple of instances over the last year or so when Air have added a field to the payment information details and immediately unverified me because it was “incomplete”, sending me an email “warning” to complete my details & the payment must have been from the hour or so between this happening and me seeing the email at one point.

Could this have been what happened to you & you missed their notification? Of course it would be nicer had they said “we have added a requirement for xxxxx information, please complete it by xxx date” instead of just unverifying people and sending out a warning of account suspension because details are incomplete but I have kind of got used to AirBNB being rude.

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I can’t recall the actual dates, but I had a fairly recent notification to “update” my payment details, with a cut off date to do so. My understanding is that they were working through getting all hosts to do this. I would check your notifications to see if you perhaps missed it, or didn’t receive it. If you didn’t, give them hell! If you did receive it, process it, even if nothing has changed.

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I had issues last week related to delayed payments for my listing. A friend of mine also had the same issue for his listings. I usually get my payments 24 hours after the guest checks in, and I receive my payments via PayPal no later than 4pm the next day, but last week the payouts didn’t show up.

I called Airbnb Support to complain and I went back and forth with a few case managers who gave me conflicting sets of information (your payout was issued, your payout is pending, your payout was already released etc…). Not sure what has happened on their end, but for some reason the minute I ended the call, the payment was released and I received it.

Maybe it’s an isolated incident re: to their payment system? I have no idea, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on future payments.

I have had a couple or few times in as many years where payments just got stuck in future payments. Had I not called they never would have been paid out. The last one I wanted to just leave it until they decided to process to see how long it would take them but that just killed me since I had earned it and saw it sitting there. You must be on top of your payments regularly.

I am/was thinking about doing Airbnb soo why are they soo rude why would I want to do business with them ? Maybe I should get just a roommate… yea there’s an idea

Thank you very much - if you don’t mind saying do you get your payouts through a financial institution? I have received several blanket statements - it’s unacceptable!

Thank you Joan - no I did not receive this and will add to my ongoing communications and dissatisfaction

Thank you very much for the reply - interesting the same problem with Paypal - but yes do be cautious and micromanage your payouts

thank you for the response - yes I agree with being on top of payments - however my were just cut-off and getting that resolved is 22 days and counting …

Do your homework - I am reviewing other companies that provide similar service - overall it has been decent but they are very slow to respond and you mostly get canned responses

Depending on what country you are in and what sort of listing you are offering you would do business with them because they are far and away the undisputed market leader. If you are offering a room in your home you need Airbnb. If you have a vacation rental you have more options.

Without Airbnb I never would have gotten into this business. With them I have a very easy to manage business. I also haven’t had the problems others have had. Keep in mind a forum like this attracts people who have an issue and are looking for help. What isn’t represented here are the thousands of mostly satisfied hosts.

Many hosts here report that without Airbnb they have no business. Far fewer say everything is much better without Airbnb.


Well, I received this email this morning.

(please excuse the sloppy screen shots - there are 2 photos there, it doesn’t repeat, I just couldn’t get there whole thing captured)

However it is from the email address: and has reply to address of, which are not airbnb addresses and is some kind of scam.

I thought it was interesting because there are these real reports of getting messages from airbnb to update payment details and so this seems particularly opportunistic. I nearly clicked on it because I had read this thread last night but checked the email address first. I remember there was an opportunistic scam like this last year when they updated the TOS. The scam mimicked those emails informing people about the new TOS.

These are the addresses that real airbnb emails come from.


Wow. This is an excellent post! You’re right that someone has keyed into how they can take advantage of something Airbnb is doing.

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They almost got me.
It was there first thing this morning after reading about people getting emails to actually update stuff. The most alarming part was the subject line “your account is on hold”.

The phone number at the bottom comes up on the internet as related to a Netflix scam (also requesting updates to the account) a couple of years ago.


We need to link this onto the other current payment post.

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Yes, I saw it too. Not sure if I know how to do the link. I will try. Can I just the link from the top of the page?

I think I may have done it, let me know if it’s what you meant. It’s good for me to learn this.

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Yep, got it. …

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Not sure what you mean, my payments go directly into my bank account?

I had an Ebay business for 17 years before this one, they were similarly what I would consider rude. I just smile to myself and put it down to them both being American originated countries & assume that’s how big companies speak to their customers in America. :slight_smile: