Transfer Airbnb Status to New Owner

I am planning to sell my property which has a separate Airbnb Cabin on it. Can I transfer my Airbnb Status to the new owner? Thanks

Hi, Why would you want to transfer Your business and your “way” to a complete stranger? Just cancel the Hosting of that Property and let the new owner set up their ‘business’ and see how their reviews go. You are not under obligation to keep the good reviews for the property to the next owner. Just take your money and let them work it out.


The question has been asked many times. I’m not sure anyone with first-hand experience has posted that they successfully sold a property and transferred the reservations, reviews, and/or ratings along with it.

I think the answer is that you’d have to call them, and probably several times before you get somebody that can help you.


@Kalling Not sure what you mean by Airbnb “status”. Superhost, ratings and reviews are definitely non-transferable. All those things stay with your profile. The new owner basically has to start from scratch with a new listing, although you could allow them to use your photos and listing description if you wanted.


As @Brian_R170 suggests it’s complicated and I’m not sure of the actual answer. However I’d caution against it.

What I would suggest is that you

  • Share your AirBNB stats with prospective buyers; if you’v done well, it may help justify the purchase of your home over other properties.
  • Provide listing photos if you are leaving things intact.
  • Advise the buyer that (if they requested) you would reach out to those clients who continue to return and inform them of the change, providing them the new owner’s contact information, should they want to return.

Then remove yourself from responsibility.

For privacy reasons I would not share guest contact information nor would I want the new owner to have access to prior guest messages that have been exchanged.


No, you cannot. You will no longer be the host even if it’s the same property. It was probably a selling point but the new owner should not expect you to hand over your superhost status. Let him/her work their tail off to earn it, just like you did. Even if you were able to transfer it over, it would be deceitful. Guests reading your reviews would make the decision to book based on your reviews. What if the new host turns out to be an awful host. It truly wouldn’t be fair to the guests. Let him earn his review, as you did. As a selling point, tell him that as a new host he will be bumped to the top of the page, which is a great opportunity for him.


No. This is covered under 4.4 of the TOS.

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This is great advice.

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As usual, great advice and insight.


Apparently I love snooping on my neighbors’ listings. My former upstairs (3rd floor walk up) neighbor sold his condo at the beginning of the season.

It’s still on Airbnb but has a different listing. It looks like his renters were offered a chance to rent from the new owner, new listing and did.

I think they were prior bookings because NO ONE mentioned it is a third floor walk up although it is NOT disclosed in the listing description. The prior owner’s reviews took a beating his first year for not disclosing it.

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Our county statute specifies that our license/permit is not transferable, it is very clear. What does your permit say?

I have considered this and came to my senses and suggest you don’t do it either. What if they don’t treat people well or don’t take care of the space? Your reviews should stay with you, accurately reflecting how you cared for guests and the space, especially if you decide to Airbnb a different space.

You can’t transfer reviews and ratings, even if you wanted to.