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Selling my house with the Airbnb rental


I’m selling my house with the Airbnb rental attached. I will start again in another state several months after moving. Can my Superhost status be transferred to the new rental even though my original site will not be operational? Can my current site be suspended without disappearing?
Thanks if anyone knows these answers.


Yes. As @KKC has stated, Superhost is all about the host. Not the listing. To suspend your listing, you can block the calendar, and it might appear in a general “location” search, but will not appear for any search by a date range.


On a more positive note hopefully you can keep your status and will keep your good reviews.


I think so. You can just start a new listing as part of your account, right?


Yes, you can. You just use the same email account and all of your listings, (wherever they are, new and old, active and inactive, reviews, etc.) will be on your same profile. Use a different email and you will have to start over.


I think Brandt did when he moved.


Yes. They won’t transfer to the new house, obviously, but they will be on your site with the name of your previous listing. It will count the number of reviews from your previous listing plus the new reviews. If you are a super host, you would retain your status based on the previous ratings plus your new ratings.

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