Stealing from the accommodation

Has anyone had little things stolen from their air bnb. I have a metal sign which is not worth much and i can figure out which guest it is, however when i asked them about it they said they had “absolutely, no idea what i was talking about”

Of course i was not accusing them i just asked if they knew about it. It was there before their stay and gone when they left.

I have no proof other than my knowledge of it being there and not being there. I dont know what to do now. If i was to go to air bnb the cost of the sign is minimal but its the principle of the thing.

I hope that kind of makes sense

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Some things you just have to let go as it’s not worth the trouble. You already let the guest know you noted it was missing. If they stole it they have all the lesson they will get from it. It’s just the cost of doing business. To answer you question, I’ve had over 600 people stay and only one thing has been taken.


Here’s some related reading for you:

I posted before that the very few things that I’ve found missing were either accidentally thrown away or accidentally packed or left in a vehicle, etc.

However, I have discovered something may have actually been stolen from my listing. I have 3 outdoor tables on the 2 patios in my listing, and before I listed in November, I bought a 4-pack of cheap but virtually indesctructible ashtrays for the tables. I put on ashtray on each table and put the extra on the top shelf of the kitchen pantry. My sister-in-law came to visit us last week and she smokes, so I went to get the extra ash tray from the listing and it’s not there. The spare ashtray wasn’t visible without standing on a stepladder, which also happens to be in the pantry. Probably not accidentally taken or thrown away, but at a value of $2.72, it’s at most a small inconvenience.

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Some guests like to get extra value when they stay!

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The only thing I can think of that anyone has stolen is the pen they use to write in our guest book. I doubt that anyone really steals them. They just unconsciously take them.

Nothing else has been taken, in 2.5 years, and with hundreds of guests.


I thought that a guest had stolen one of the teddy bears I like to put on each bed then later found it in the closet. It’s a possibility that someone placed your sign somewhere or perhaps it fell and it’s stuck behind a piece of furniture.


Ain’t that the truth. Hundreds of guests and only a few things. I’ve had my credit card cloned, stolen laptop charger, missing lower glass refrigerator shelf :thinking:, stolen bottle of olive oil, and someone ate my black berries! :rofl:



Do you think they broke it and didn’t want to 'fess up?

The only things I’ve lost so far are pens. But I’ve been left a Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar!


This is kinda what I wonder, but it’s very puzzling that I wouldn’t find ANY remnants of glass (I live here). I thought maybe someone thought it might come in handy as a DIY table top on their way to a camping trip? No clue.

Lots of food and beer left here. I received some Japanese Tea, Miso soup, a fan and origami paper as gifts. Cash tips - my favorite! Not too often though, but one couple left me a $50 bill! Oh yeah, and “4:20” themed gifts that I pass along to my next guests!

Edit to add: It’s legal here


Many years ago I had a senior member of staff who would go through my briefcase, to repatriate all the biros I had collected from the office.


:laughing: I suddenly have visions of Reginald Perrin.

Unless they’re like me and think, “Awesome! Free pen!”.

just kidding.

In two years of hosting we have had the following items disappear - two of the largest stainless steel bowls from a five bowl set, an led flashlight, and several pieces of stainless flatware.

I am pretty sure the flatware went in the trash and the flashlight was stuck in a pocket after a late night campfire.

The stainless bowls were probably stolen. I did nothing about it. I figured it was just one of the costs of doing business.

I thought I lost the 2 largest stainless steel bowls from the 5-piece set in my listing back in August. The guest was visiting for a family reunion and I assumed they were left at their local family member’s house. I found them a month later in other cabinets that require a stepladder to access .

Initially, I thought that is what happened because that is what I wanted to believe. I’ve looked everywhere and have not found them.

That just sounds… so you!


Couldn’t find suitable thieving git emoji, so I made you a flamenco dancer instead, ole!



I sent this one out not too long after we opened our first rental. I felt bad for the guy who rented as it was his BIL and sister it turned out that stole all the stuff. AirBnB did not ask for a police report, though I did file one, which I believe is why he ended up paying.

"Housekeeping has a full house inventory and it’s checked after every stay. We are missing items, they are absolutely, not in the house. The items are a brand new First Aid kit and a pro hair curling wand, bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and black makeup washcloths along with others I didn’t mention here, but are listed on the request. I’ve rounded not charge shipping or tax for the most part also.

I have attached pictures of my costs and the items in question. This is the first review in 20+ stays from various sites that I am listed on that I have ever sent a request for money or given a guest less than 5*’s. The total cost that I am charging you equals $780."

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It is hard but I have been trying just not to take anything about hosting personally, it is a business and things break and things disappear, it is not personal.

Let. It. Go. for your own sanity.



I had a book taken and a crappy one left behind. I asked them to send the book back when they finished reading it which they did. Have now removed ant of my good books and just left the crappy ones that I wouldn’t read anyway.


You could start a Little Library of Crappy books lol.