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Guests and theft


Just curious, I have been hosting since June this year and never had any major incidents only minor thefts which really is annoying! Apart from the odd guests who take ALL complimentry toiletries and teas, coffees and snacks they haven’t used just take because they feel they have ‘‘paid’’ for them, Its other items such as Bed sheets, Bath towels, Tea Towels, Cleaning Products and more recently (today) the kitchen scissors!! Why?!
Bizarrely all these guests whom have taken things are from BDC…am guessing because I can’t pubicly review them!
What’s been the oddest thing 'taken from your property?


I use Airbnb exclusively (apart from long-time repeat guests) and I don’t think I’ve ever had anything stolen. I’ve had one or two minor things disappear over the years but I’ve assumed that has been accidental.


I’ve been hosting since May 2014. I’ve had around 500 guests. The oddest thing was someone took a pillow out of a sham and put their yucky old pillow in. I didn’t discover it right away because there is also a zippered pillow protector then the sham. I don’t launder the protector every time, only the sham. I also had a reusable glass water bottle taken. When I asked the guest they readily admitting taking and reminding me the guest guide did say “complimentary water bottles in the fridge.” I hadn’t changed the wording when I changed from plastic to glass, so I fixed that. Another one was taken after that but it inself was a recycled Tazo tea bottle and maybe it just seemed like a disposible item. Anything else “taken” like a toothbrush or coffee packet was meant to be used.

I have no explanation for why my stuff doesn’t get taken or ruined.


I’ve had a couple hand towels taken and a hot pad holder from the kitchen (although I have a feeling they probably burned it and threw it away, judging by the state of the kitchen after that guest.)

Oh, and a nightlight, which the guest said must have accidentally fallen into their toiletry bag when they unplugged it to plug in their toothbrush in the bathroom. lol


I leave some snacks for guests and like when they take them all. Kind feel like they are not appreciated when looked not touched.


Three years and never had a thing stolen.


Hosting since remotely since 2011 and nothing stolen. I’ve discussed my theories on this in other threads.


Oh! Actually! I have had a couple iPhone USB to mini cords taken, but I suspect guest think it’s their own. The majority all look the same. So I switched to black and grey cords.


I’ve been VERY fortunate. 80 ABNB guests and nothing taken. I’ve actually had the reverse with guests leaving stuff behind, both unintentionally and intentionally:

  • One guest left a wood cutting board. (I provide the synthetic plastic type, and I assume he brought one because he followed a strict Kosher diet) I contacted the guest after he had left and said I’d be happy to mail it to him but he said just to keep it.
  • Often have guests leave extras that they can’t carry on a plane (liquor, sodas, chips, etc). Opened gets thrown away; Unopened gets distributed to future guests.
  • On several occasions guests have left behind thankyou cards and gifts (Starbucks gift cards, Wine). I had one Italian woman who was visiting her family and wanted to cook a meal with her sister; I offered larger pots / pans from my kitchen to make it it easier for her in the guest house. She was so grateful that before she left, she presented me a proper pasta bowl and spaghetti tool

And most recently a guest left the nicest thankyou card, and the attached. Tart to us / Wine to future guests.


We really haven’t had anything stolen. The only thing that’s walked is a bottle of Cholula hot sauce. image


If there was a corresponding increase in TP usage, it may not have, technically, been stolen.


This is detailed but it might help someone out.

Last weekend I had a guest (a hairstylist) who stole a feather pillow - so that also includes the pillow protector and the pillow case. She also decided to dye her hair pink. The dye also damaged the shower walls and the tub (don’t know why, but the dye penetrated the surface and I can’t get it out). The dye also damaged the brand new fabric shower curtains that I had just gotten altered by a seamstress (shower is tucked under a roof so one of the shower curtain tops has a sort of upside down v shape, anyways…), and the dye also got on another pillowcase, 2 towels, the shower mat, and the king sized fitted sheet.

I decided to try a tactic that I actually don’t have in real life - I’m actually kind of abrasive :wink: She had sent silly messages, almost attention getting messages, like a child, during her stay. She got so annoying that I just ignored her, we were really busy doing family things and there were a lot of messages. I almost thought she did it to get my attention, that might sound weird but maybe I’m just paranoid. But here is what I did. When I discovered the missing pillow and damages, I took photos of what I could, gathered up screenshots of my receipts. First I sent her a message:

"Hi xxxxx,

I hope you enjoyed your stay here at the xxxxx House!

We noticed there was a missing feather pillow after you checked out, and we had some minor damages on linens from -we are guessing - pink hair dye. Only guessing from remnants in the shower :slight_smile:

How would you like to handle this? I can do a simple “request money” through Airbnb. Most things we buy commercial so damages won’t be exorbitant.


Meanwhile, I worked on submitting my “Request Money” resolution request, in case I needed Airbnb’s help.

She send me an almost immediate reply:

“OMG, Im so sorry about the pillow! I always travel with one of my own pillows, plus a spare pillowcase to put on the in-house pillow (so I don’t risk ruining anything with mascara stains). I was half asleep when we left and just grabbed both “my” pillows.
I’ll pay the request now. If any pink got on anything, it’s a professional line known for coming out easily with bleach wash. If it doesn’t please let me know. I try to keep my hair wrapped up to avoid that.
So sorry again about the pillow. I’m laughing and embarrassed at the same time.”

Everyone, I know what she said was BS, but I got paid. She sent payment right away, I let her keep her dignity. By the way, the pink didn’t come out of the linens and I did everything from soaking them in Oxy for days and bleach.

Hope that helps.


I had things disaapeared too , even comforters . But it all happened in separate pool house . In my house where I rent out private rooms only one pocket knife disaapeared and some food but not much. Only once a couple took even toothbrushes in closed packaging and decorative soaps.
At pool house I don’t even charge anyone anymore for disaapeared things as sometimes I don’t notice right away and not sure who took what.
One group took my green comforter from one room but left 2 of theirs and even much better.
After one group I found 2 sheet sets new in one of the dressers but my matching in xlolor to rest of the room disaapeared.
At one point I had 30 towels there. One group came and bought all towels for themselves new .About 2 months later out of 30 16 were there. People take my towels and leave theirs .
I think what’s happening is that guests take them to the beach and forget them there .
And pillows …that’s the mistery that never will be solved. 3 years ago I bought all new pillows on line. When they arrived I was disappointed. They were not the quality I expected. I didn’t change them and just let them be hoping that guests don’t complain.
3 years later only one pillow that I originally bought is still there. The rest are not mine. there are 2 body pillows and 3 decorative pillows there that i never bought.
Also I was presented with brand new gas grill and enormous amount of grill utensils. The new group didn’t like my grill ,bought new and just left it there

I forgot once 1200$ was stolen from cabinet but then they returned it after realising that we know where they work. My husband left it there by accident and forgot .




Some numpty just stole my towels.
Not worth the headache contacting Bnb.
They care not


You’re wrong. It’s very easy to submit a claim through the Air website. If you have pictures and receipts to prove replacement value, the Host Guarantee applies and you are promptly reimbursed if the guest refuses to pay.


Last year;-

Knife, fork, spoon and tea spoon. Part of a set… Same person, all toiletries, two hand towels and face cloths.

This year;-

TV remote controls x 3.


@HH_AZ same here. I make out like a fat rat with ice cream. My location is the kind where folks come to nest and cook and hang out. Ice cream always gets left behind for the long drive back to NYC because they never think to bring a cold bag.


You have been successful when a guest denies the claim? I’ve heard mixed success on this from other hosts…


I’ve used Airbnb since 2010 and have never once noticed anything of any value missing. The odd charging cable, pillow, etc, but all small things that a guest could have mistaken for their own.

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