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Show off your Airbnb listing!


You know what they say-imitation is the best form of flattery!


))) ill have the chocolate one?


I’ll try one of the mini quiche tarts (if that’s what they are). Thank you.


Hey! Maybe you chocolate/quiche lovers can be a maiden voyage in some sort of “house swap”-wouldn’t that be fun? My current guest is from Florida and she doesn’t usually rent out her home when she’s not there (nor have I ever, thus far.) She said there’s a different service for house swapping but the devil I know (AirBnb, ha ha) does have its merits. She also asked to book an extra day and offered me cash. It felt so awkward to tell her I only go through AirBnb after Mr. Smelly Boots-I didn’t want her to feel I don’t trust her (after you’ve colored together you get to know someone :wink: ). Should I send her a special offer so that it costs her a little less, to save her the Air service fee? How much would be a “nice gesture” on a $65 room? I mean, she’s a Superhost so she must “get it” (my position.) Any way-happy holidays everyone-great chatting!


WOW!!! Loooooved it! (Is that you in the charcoal portrait over the desk?) The listing really is superb. It brought a question to mind as I read through that I’m going to revisit on my own listing. I say “Andover” in my listing name, but I think I should add “MA” just to be sure to nail it all down for someone who’s viewing my listing who hasn’t necessarily gotten there via search-as I came across yours, loved it, and had to poke around a little to realize that it’s Seattle (now on my bucket list!) I’m near a very famous private high school in Andover, MA (Phillips Academy) and threw it out there in a post this morning wondering whether anyone has used AirBnb to more or less “house swap.” One recent guest came from HAWAII to visit their child at school - ALOHA second honeymoon! Thoughts anyone?


Hi Anna. Are you no longer listing? I couldn’t get there from here :confused:


Have level will travel! I am available for a free consult where I go around twitching the curtains, smoothing the coverlets and triangle-izing the toilet paper rolls. My schedule is wide open! ;- and let me know if you have any business in Andover, MA! (You’re not by any chance putting a kid through high school for roughly $90K/year are you?)


Hello! We have a place in Asheville, North Carolina, Paris of the South and home to the Biltmore Estate, incredible restaurants, breweries, hiking, biking etc.


hi, i’d take photo 1 out - its quite depressing (maybe the light) and doesnt show off ur flat well enough - maybe start with photo 2 (but put plants in the pots), the bedroom is v nice…u need to make that a focal point…put more pics about the surroundings too…the pic u have a of a frozen meadow seems a bit cold…put maybe more plants in the sitting room (there was a good article on that somewhere here)…also with the way airbnb lists you the first pic u have is cut and just shows a tv…shame - but pic 2 is better with plants…hope i wasnt too harsh :wink:


hi looks nice, but due to the way airbnb lists ur first pic is cut - u need to reformat otherwise it looks like ur selling a table )))…also wonder if pic 17 shouldnt be the first pic…its a nice house…id remove pic 5 looks messy (though i know what ur trying to do)…pic14 just looks like an air con machine (id take it out)…nashville sounds fab…its on the visit tirp…maybe pics of nashville at the end? or map of how close it is to the center?


@endsinjoy - just be careful about house swapping and your taxes (at least in the US). Swapping houses counts as personal use and can really negatively impact the expenses you can write off your taxes.


@Stpetersburg, thanks for your feedback. I agree that lighting generally could be improved, unfortunately the lower sun at this time of year reduces available light (I am sure you can relate). I have adjusted the lighting levels a little to improve this.

We are planning to update photos on a better day or Spring. Similarly we plan to put plants in the planters in the coming weeks as temperatures rise. We agree this will make the entrance more pleasing. Generally we plan to add plants and prints in the rooms over time.


I am Ruby and I own this beautiful flat in the center of Chania, Greece. My island Crete is worldwide known for both beautiful beaches, but also the high, wild mountains! The flat is close to the Old Town, but away from the touristic center and hosts 4 people! I would be happy to host you :grinning::grinning:


hi Ruby, love the photos, i’m sure you’ll do very well…just a quick question, thinking of renting my flat out in athens for airbnb - any issues in greece with airbnb? let me know :wink:


Hello! Thank you for the feedback :blush: Athens is getting more and more familiar with airbnb. There are new laws getting voted for the legal issues. So currently everytime you rent your flat through airbnb you should state it as a temporary rent (15% VAT) so as not to get into problems. You should also be careful with the services you offer. Cleaning service or transport service are not allowed to individual renters. So it’s better to include everything in the price :slight_smile: if you have more questions, feel free to contact me!


OK - takes deep breath - this is our place. We’re nothing special, just an older couple who let out a room in our small town house and serve a decent breakfast. We’re in Lancaster, UK - an old Roman town in the North-West, near the Lake District and blessed with one of the top-10 Universities in the UK.
Any thoughts from anyone?


Sorry but I agree with K9karmacasa, I would not dream of renting a room without seeing the bathroom. Congratulations on your excellent ratings.


great reviews, i’m sure people love staying with you - my only thoughts - maybe put p.11 first - i liked it (good intro too)- then go to 1, 2, etc…the lampshade seems to be leaning to one side in the bedroom and is it lola the cat under the bedclothes? seems the bedding is not straight and creased (gives a messy feel) - thats my only thoughts - breakfast looks good - and i checked Andros - may well go )…i’m sure you woudl be fine with out change but it may get a few more people to look - just ideas - i’d be curious on the bathroom too…tks


thanks roubi, just starting on my athens airbnb road so may well ask you )


Thanks - and yes, go to Andros - it’s only a two-hour ferry ride from Rafina - and it’s a beautiful island!

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