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Show off your Airbnb listing!


N-n-no F grade f-f-for you. You’re a c-c-card!


Thank you a lot for your suggestions! We’ll try to improve our photos :slight_smile:


Just got my new listing off the ground. Still needs a few tweaks but it’s basically finished: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/20948220?s=51``


Looks terrific!!

On the next go-around, I suggest re-doing the picture of the bed after you smooth the coverlet and make it look as perfect as the rest of the apartment. It would also be helpful if you worked on the captions so it doesn’t read the same thing throughout (at least of the environs).


Fantastic listing. Only thing I noticed from a quick viewing is some of your photos aren’t straight (eg kitchen)


Oh well. I am traveling in New Mexico and using the phone. Autocorrect happens… guess I won’t post from my phone again.


Thanks and I agree with your note on the bed and appreciate the reminder about captions! I got this listing together 30 minutes after putting together the last furniture from IKEA.


I think I need a shirt that says “Autocorrect Happens”! :smiley:


Just started renting our downstairs suite to help us with the mortgage while my wife is on maternity leave. Hopefully it will pay off. https://abnb.me/EVmg/69GxpWLmNG


Great listing. Beautiful home! Just a couple of thoughts:
You might consider charging extra for guests over 2 people. Not too much but at least $10 to cover the extra water, cleaning, etc.
Avoid stays over 28 days to avoid guests squatting and gaining tenancy rights. Airbnb does not protect hosts for long stays. So remove your monthly discount.
Otherwise bonne chance!


It’s just a small place HERE


We may have to report this listing :joy: :joy:


Guests review: “Not as many queens as Brighton”


Thanks for the great suggestions. We’re always concerned about those renters rights in sf




(one more :blush:)


What a beautiful house. Why are there no pictures of the bathroom. I tend to avoid listings that don’t picture the bathroom because I assume if there’s no picture, it isn’t good.


Thanks so much-I just added the bathroom!


I will SO be there when I am retired and driving out West. I love it.


Very good. There is much to see here.