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I also think your photo #11 should be featured over the one with the tattooed boatman in a tank top ~ at least until you take a new pic. A smaller craft going by will better show your home and garden.

For your interior pics, they say it is better to take photos from a lower angle - about waist-high rather than from above looking down. From the angle, it looks like the photographer might have been standing on a chair and it is not a natural view when entering a room.

You sound like such warm, friendly and entertaining hosts and have the knack of making everyone feel welcome.

I must admit that if I was the November guest whose last review was published, I would feel a little hurt that you did not respond to my review as you did to the two previous guests. It makes it seem that you enjoyed them more.


Posted my place before, but now with lots of changes, looking for input on pictures and wordings please. I like wording being consice and short (not like guests reading them anyway)



Best tips 7 tricks to improve your listing:

-professional floor plan that will help both the host and guest get a visual grasp of the place and the amenities that anyone can do at a low cost by outsourcing this feature
-dynamic Google map that will help the host better promote his listing by cross-referencing his location with much appreciated Points of Interests by guests and also score massive points on the SEO of the listing that can also be done at a minimum cost by also outsourcing this feature
-give your guests a free 2h tour of the city included as a free customer service feature that will help you as a host deliver more value and get an awesome review by your guests
-create a startup kit — list of apps that you use and love to help your guests/travelers scale their trip/vacation even further in order to maximize their time/budget spent in your listing/location!

Hope it helps a lot of hosts out there :slight_smile:


@Lac_Cristian - That’s only four tips.


There’s little point in my adding a “dynamic Google map”, when the buggers can’t even get me in the right location to start with. They have me located in a nearby Military School, and no matter that I send explicit directions before people arrive, telling them not to use GPRS or they’ll get lost, well, we all know the answer. Then panicked, disappointed calls and complaints. The school is dilapidated at best, and guests are faced by burly security preventing access to the complex. Grrrr.



Well, I’m not coming if he won’t be in my part of your house.

Is that (£15) how much the Council are charging for parking now?! £5 more than two years ago?!


£15 for 24 hours in my garage. Nearest NCP is nearly £9 an hour! 400yds away is £15 just for overnight.
And for that £15, I have to drive my own car out to Hove, then walk 10minutes to the bus stop to get back home.


Blimey! I thought Deal was becoming extortionate but that takes the biscuit; and keeps you fit!


Aaaaggh! I need that purple chair and LOVE LOVE LOVE that dark grey wall! Have just spent way too many hours in the paint store over the past week! Made my final colour selection today, am hoping it looks half as good as the one you guys have on the wall! Oh, and great listing too! : 0)


The grey paint was Moles Breath, and the ‘reclaimed wood’ look, was 4 different packs of laminate flooring siliconed on to the wall!


Oh wow! Thanks for the info! Good to know if I ever finish painting my wall only to find that it’s the wrong shade! : )



We just added another property, the first one we do not own but will be managing.


I am in a quandary: only 10 days til pride, so I want to advertise as soon as I can, but in 2 days time, I can get access and improve it. Maybe I should snooze it for 2 days, till I can get the bedding in.



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