Show off your Airbnb listing!

Many of us decided to become a host on Airbnb after being a guest and many of us still continue to be both guests and hosts. I thought it would be fun to have hosts show off their listings and perhaps provide a few tips on how they differentiate their listing from others in their area. Who knows, you could catch the eye of another host who plans to visit your city!

Share away!


My friends and I are renting out beds on our 18 meter yacht. This is definitely the most unique listing on the island of La Gomera (in the Canaries). Hope to see you here!

Sleep on a pirate ship


Haarlem is a beautiful cobble-stoned city, just 15 minutes by train from the centre of Amsterdam. It’s a relaxed city, full of picturesque canals, a maze of narrow medieval streets, hidden gardens, quality restaurants and many of the best dutch museums. Come and explore and stay at Charming House in Historic Haarlem!


I’m located in the neighborhood of Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York. I have two styles of listings - one is a private apartment and one private bedroom & living room.

Private Apartment

Private Bedroom & Living Room


Canada’s wine and water country: Summerland, British Columbia in the Okanagan valley. Come and visit our quaint village on the banks of Lake Okanagan, a swimmer’s paradise. Our valley is very popular for triathlon trainers and competitors. We are in the perfect spot to make a circle tour to the Rocky Mountains, west to Vancouver or just an hour south to Washington State. Our valley has hundreds of wineries and many orchards featuring peaches, cherries, apples, apricots and more. Come and see us!!

‘A Happy Little Getaway’:

YouTube video of our town:


Here is my listing:

I live in Dayton, OH, home of the US Air Force Museum. It is definitely not a destination city but I’ve been doing pretty well on Airbnb. I’ve been hosting for about a year now. Some of the pictures are old and some are newer, I’m in the process of cleaning up my house to take some better pics. Suggestions are welcome!

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My wife and I have a place in Budapest

We also thought it would be good to collaborate with some other hosts so we have started a small project where people can share their favourite parts near their apartments.
If anyone would like to write the link is free :slight_smile:

We just listed our apartment in Valencia. First time hosts, well we never even hosted anyone yet. So more like first time listers.

Normally we travel the world for 91 Days at a time but after 5 years we wanted to have a home again. So we found this apartment, fixed it totally up and now listed it to Airbnb (today). So when we are on the road we rent it out and the best part is, when we take a break from traveling we have OUR place to come home to.

If you have a moment please take a look at our apartment here in Valencia. And do let us know if we should change anything. I am 30 minutes north of San Diego, 15 minutes from the beach, 30 minutes to Wild animal Park and Temecula wineries.


Hi, I recently booked my first Airbnb in New Orleans and loved the experience!

What I did notice when searching is the following:

  1. I started with location, a few important amenities, and budget.
  2. I then looked only at places that had a high number of reviews relative to the others.
  3. I then made my choice based on photos and what the host had to say in their description.

Obviously well photographed places, with engaging and personal descriptions had my attention!

BTW everything in the NOLA apartment was as described and spotless. That consistency between what the listing page said and what my actual experience was like led to 100% satisfaction and my own 5-star review that I left.

Hope that helps from a guest perspective!



Ever thought about Europe?- ANTWERP?

CHOCOLATES, BEER, FASHION DIAMONDS not necessarily in that order;)

Enjoy an historic apartment build in 1875 for one of the royal bankers. 2500Sq feet apartment, with high ceilings and unique art…In the heart of Antwerpen, belgium…

If you check the link… you need to share your feedback :wink:


My feedback may not be useful to you as you’re way out of my price range, and I’m a mom of 3.

However, I’m sure other guests are like me, I want to know about 1. beds 2. bathrooms 3. location I want to see where I will be sleeping, what the configuration is. Guests are shopping all kinds of sites and all kinds of properties on those sites. Hit them with the important facts "Two Spacious Bedrooms, each with king bed, and two full en suite baths… something along those lines.

Again, I’m not your target audience, but as you said on another thread, keep it simple; get the basic facts in and then elaborate on the lovely uniqueness of this location!! Good luck with your hosting!!

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Feedback is always useful :wink: thank you!

Hello, I am Shaun from New Orleans

Hi, I am new to this board. Thought I would share my listings… They both are my real homes, something that I am finding to be less and less common on airbnb.

:slight_smile: -Big House -Apartment Across from Big house

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Any feedback? :slightly_smiling:

The listings are fine, shaun. I like the photos and they look exciting and enticing.

Re: Big House - what was the ‘award winning’ referencing? Also, it was confusing that you stressed this is Our House. Do you live there? It gave me a big ? in my head. You may want to consider editing your description to reduce the heavy use of capital letters and maybe add a paragraph or two. My Brain Lost Interest Quickly.

Cool place, Bobas! Your description and rules are very clean and tidy - easy to read, which is nice as guests are looking at many listings. I would not put your price in your description. It is redundant since the price will show up at the top, and, you will end up changing your prices somewhat frequently and you don’t want to forget and have two different prices.

Instead, I would put how many and what type of bed. As someone who has searched for places on the airbnb platform that is a key item “what kinds of beds and bathrooms are there”? Also, I notice that you can accommodate 4. If so you may think about taking off ‘perfect for couples’ since that may cause groups who are not couples to just skip to the next listing. Just a thought.

I would put photo 21 at the top of the list. The photo that comes up at the top of your ad is not as enticing as the other.

Looks like a great place! I’d love to come stay one day!

Thanks Dcmonkey!

The reason I have “Perfect for couples” is because we prefer hosting maximum two people. It is less wear and it makes the apartment easier to clean.
However we can and do accommodate groups once in a while. We even had 5 guys staying there for a few days. But that was cramped, and cleaning the place was a nightmare.

I thought the listing said one queensize bed and a sleepingcoach. I have to look into that. :slightly_smiling:

I also thought a picture collage was a good choice, but I see almost no other listings using that.

Thanks again for the input.

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That makes sense, Bobas, to try to sell to couples. Yes, the fewer, the easier.

Since you prefer to cater to couples, talking about the beds right in the first description isn’t important. I have a family of 5, with 1 boy and 2 girls, and sometimes travel with a sister, so I always need to know - what are the beds, and where are they. ; )

I DO like that you emphasize no cleaning fees, deposit, and free parking. That is smart!!!

Would love to get your feedback on mine - and everyone else’s, too. My arrangement is a bit odd and doesn’t fit into the set parameters set by airbnb, so it is a bit awkward. I can’t be a ‘entire house’ because my guests do not have a separate entrance, but they do have their own space.

enter link description here