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Show off your Airbnb listing!


Great listing. Beautiful home! Just a couple of thoughts:
You might consider charging extra for guests over 2 people. Not too much but at least $10 to cover the extra water, cleaning, etc.
Avoid stays over 28 days to avoid guests squatting and gaining tenancy rights. Airbnb does not protect hosts for long stays. So remove your monthly discount.
Otherwise bonne chance!


It’s just a small place HERE


We may have to report this listing :joy: :joy:


Guests review: “Not as many queens as Brighton”


Thanks for the great suggestions. We’re always concerned about those renters rights in sf




(one more :blush:)


I will SO be there when I am retired and driving out West. I love it.


Very good. There is much to see here.


We are new here hosting and on this group.


hi, just thoughts: first pic is too dark, i’d remove it - only keep the sunny pics.also add more room pics - felt like it was selling more the town than ur room. looks nice though )…do put pics of the bathroom and maybe the hall of the house? merry xmas!


hi, i think u have lighting problems on ur pics - pic 3 looked good - the others look ever exposed - and puts u off…also the outside pics (google/earth) and backyard door…looks a bit strange…id tike them out - i like the front of the house )…and would do more pics like no.3…just ideas. merry xmas!


looks nice - get rid of pic 2 though…garden looks a bit bare…really have v little to say - maybe put pics of a coffee and open book? people like to see it ‘used’…love the light. merry xmas!


hi, i’d put more plants and nick nacks…seems a bit bare…also no sheets/pillow cases on the bed? …all the best with it. merry xmas!



Thank you! It’s been greatly updated since July when these pics were taken. I’ve arranged for new ones in Jan.


Hi there! Since I’m new here my responses are limited but just wanted to say thanks for the feedback! I totally agree on the photos, I think I’m going to invest in the professional photography ($88.) A professional could do a much better job of making the windows an asset instead of a photo detractor! I think I did go overboard on the “Andover” stuff (did I make it clear-there’s booze here?) Anyone have any rave reviews on Airbnb photography (or the opposite?)


Oh my WORD! It’s GORGEOUS! The decorating! The views! And the little things like the tea and the bread…I’m stealing from you for sure!


Thanks for the input. I will try to fix it.


I had some pics taken by a professional who has done Airbnb photos. He was staying with me for another local job but I didn’t arrange for the photos via Airbnb. He just offered because he’s a nice guy. I like the pictures and they make the place look great. They also make it look bigger than it is. That enlarging effect is evident in stpetersburgs pictures. I’ve only had one explict complaint (and that was from a fellow host). I honestly don’t think I’d pay for professional photos. Just use pro tips (like good light, wider view, lower angle) and the edit function. I’ve seen lots of listings with mediocre pictures and 100s of reviews.

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