Security Cameras Outdoor/Indoor

Can security cameras be inside house - Living room area.
Looking for suggestions on inexpensive, easy to install, easy to use outdoor security camera and/or possibly inside
Unsure how I feel about an indoor as I walk around in barely anything for sleep…

Yes if they are disclosed. I’ve seen some hosts that have them in common areas and they are running successful businesses and have hundreds of reviews. However, many people wouldn’t stay in a rental with indoor cameras and since guests don’t read or look at listings carefully someone will won’t see the disclosure and then you’ll have a problem.

I’d strongly advise against it.


Yes but they must be clearly disclosed.

The blink cameras are easy to set up and have no monthly fees. I have them, but exterior only.

I am not unsure. I would not stay in a listing with interior cameras. I have no problem with exterior cameras. I suspect most guests feel the same way so you may want to rethink this.

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Yes, that is kind of my feeling also… but I did see some posts were people had indoor ones…

I think you are asking for trouble. Guests don’t read anything. Also, based on our obesity epidemic, you may end up hurting your eyes / losing your lunch.

Thank you for your feedback but that last statement was really unnecessary.


why was my post removed?

Fat shaming adds absolutely nothing to the conversation. Nothing. If you want to engage in that sort of posting, Reddit is for you.

But then again maybe I should restore it so everyone can see what a jerk you are.


It is clinical science that obesity is a problem. Why do you not delete all the threads about people that smoke? Also, it was clear I was making a comical reference to a possible situation of having indoor cameras that clearly could exist.

Wow. @Brandt Fat shaming… That’s a new low for personal attacks. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The thing I like about this forum is how blunt yet actually supportive this group is. We’re from all over and lively in discourse and disagreements, but that’s out of line.


Okay, have it your way.

Defending the indefensible. Clearly it wasn’t clear to the moderator and someone also probably flagged it.

Tell me, did you think Bill Maher’s recent remarks and fat shaming were comical? Because James Corden took Maher apart on rebuttal.

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Please let me know who I personally attacked.

Anyone with a weight problem or poor body image. In this day and age, that could be 90% of people anywhere.

Clearly you weren’t as funny as you thought you were. Give up. the hole’s only getting deeper.


This from a Moderator!!!:



It depends on the bloke. Some hunky twenty five year old would be fine. An old bloke with a hairy beer belly is another matter.

It wouldn’t bother me in the least because I have this thing called a neck and these items called eyelids so I don’t have to look if I don’t want to.

Mind you I’m in Florida so that means that a) we are more casual than many other places and b) I’ve sort of seen it all by now. :slight_smile:

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Florida here too… :slight_smile:

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Standards don’t seem to be followed.

As others have said, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Guests are already paranoid about this issue.

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The one clear exception to the indoor cameras, to me, is in an Airbnb that is run like a hostel. They often have cameras in the kitchen area and that seems normal and okay and everyone is aware. The idea is that it keeps the kitchen clean and your food not eaten by others. There are often fines for not doing your dishes in these situations and it likely does help it work best as there can be 20+ different travelers using the kitchen.

I used to stay in hostels a lot before Airbnb was a thing (internationally of course but also extensively in the US). In the larger hostels with a big, shared kitchen, there would usually be a “monitor” that was there to keep everyone on track and honest. I think indoor cameras in this situation replaces that monitor - e.g. hostels have a long history of monitoring common areas and it is one way that makes it work for everyone involved.

I’m not a big fan of cameras in home situations, particularly if they are monitoring anything other than the front entrance. They take away the “home” feeling for me (though I totally understand why some hosts have them). I personally won’t rent a place that has cameras on the back porch/yard/patio/pool area as I feel those are invasive of basic relaxation and leave too much room for an unscrupulous host to get creepy. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay in a hostel-type listing that has indoor cameras on the common areas. In fact, it would give me more confidence that the hostel was being run well and taken care of.


I woudn’t stay in a place with indoor cameras. That’s just too invasive and creepy for me.