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Shirtless in common areas?

Do others also cringe at the site of shirtless guests in their kitchen and or common areas? Have added a line to the house rules (below). Any thoughts or advice on that? Current eyesore guest is a big young man, scheduled to be here for 3+ more weeks. Luckily have only had that issue with two guests in the last two years.

  1. Guests of both genders should always wear a shirt (t-shirts are fine) and pants (shorts are fine) when in common areas. No bikinis or underwear.

Nope, doesn’t make me cringe. Couldn’t care less.


You have to go with your own sensibilities, but I think it’s relevant that you’re selling the idea of “staying in a home” and lots of people go shirtless at home (and definitely hotels for that matter).

My thought is no not a problem and not cringeworthy.

Never had it happened to me in 4+ years and hundreds of guests @John2233

Maybe it’s more of a US thing from the responses from other hosts here.

I’ve never been to a hotel where people would walk around communal areas topless and wouldn’t particularly want guests doing it in my home.

Here it would be seen as rude to do so and rather odd.

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Do you mean “big” as in tall or “big” as in obese? Either way, I would suggest that in future your rule be “No shirt, no stay”.

You haven’t been on a cheap package deal to Benidorm then?




I agree with you. I even feel uncomfortable when my brother (who is quite overweight) walks around shirtless. Yuk.

There is nothing cheap about me @JohnF :blush:

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It depends on the bloke. Some hunky twenty five year old would be fine. An old bloke with a hairy beer belly is another matter.

It wouldn’t bother me in the least because I have this thing called a neck and these items called eyelids so I don’t have to look if I don’t want to.

Mind you I’m in Florida so that means that a) we are more casual than many other places and b) I’ve sort of seen it all by now. :slight_smile:


This is why I put a robe in the room. However one guy paraded around in a bath towel, and I am embarrassed to report that the visuals were rather pleasant (slap me)


Nope. Nothing wrong with a decent piece of eye candy however politically incorrect that might be. They’re not stopping me looking. :wink:


I think if it’s your space, you can make that a rule if you want to.

Do you ever have multiple guests at one time? If that’s the case then I think asking all guests to be fully clothed in common areas is very fair.

Thanks for the interesting & helpful replies.
To each his own.

OMG, you’d think the shirt on is a polite thing that is taught by parents before even reaching school age. I can’t imagine me putting up with a guys like that (unless he’s a super model and I’d have something to look at, but even then!!!)
Calmly ask him to wear a shirt because he is in somebody’s house, not in a hotel where he could do whatever he wanted. Tell him that because riding busses or going to restaurants or shops requires one to be covered, so is living in someone’s house.

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