Payout problems for Australia

Since November 1 we have been receiving emails from AirBnB asking us to update our payment method. We go through that process and it triggers a message that the update is pending.

Payments from AirBnB since Nov 1 are not being deposited into our account.

I spoke to AirBnB support today and they said that they have been having this problem in Australia since November 1. They don’t have a solution as yet.

There may be other destinations with the same problem.

i have the same problem too…

I spoke to them about this yesterday, it’s Australia wide (and judging from how long it took me to get through to someone they’ve had a lot of phone calls about it). I was able to re-add my existing bank account but now have to wait five days for verification and won’t receive payouts in the meantime.

I re-added my bank account last night, even tried a different account, and both were still rejected. Please keep us updated. Betw, I’m also in Australia, and I’m using Westpac.

I just checked and you’re right, same problem. I’ve message the person I spoke to yesterday and will let you know what they say. In the meantime, I suggest adding a paypal account, you’ll incur fees but it seems the paypal option is still working.

Yes, same problem here. They kept telling me I had to re-enter my banking details - which I did, only to have the new payment method fail as well - when it turns out that they knew all along the problem was Australia-wide, and it was a technical issue which was nothing to do with individual hosts.


Have any of you had any satisfaction yet? My husband has been onto them a few times today as we are having the same problem, they don’t seem to know much about it and even less inclined to let us know when we can expect payment.

Just got an email from AirBnB …


We’re currently experiencing a few delays related to sending payouts. And as a result, you may have gotten an email from us that your payout method was set to error.

In this case, you don’t need to do anything. We’re working to resolve the delay and will transfer payouts to your payment method(s) on file as soon as possible.

We’re sorry about the inconvenience, and we’ll send an update when we resolve this issue.

Best regards,

The Airbnb Team

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Its happening for us (when I spoke yesterday she said it was all ANZ bank accounts). I was told to re-add my account details as a new account and that would fix it. As expected (and as with most suggestions by the call centre staff)…It does not.

Today I can’t get through on the phone and they keep hanging up on me with the callback service.

My account is Commonwealth.

Anyway I don’t think that there is anything to be gained by phoning support now. These things happen and it is in their own interests to resolve the issue asap.

My issue with them is that they didn’t inform us until now that the problem is at their end.


I am so pleased I stumbled upon this!!! I thought it was just me!! They have always paid into this account and all this week there have been problems. In the beginning I thought it was a glitz in their system and I phoned about it and just got the “script read” as if I didn’t know what I was doing. I have re put in the details everyday for it to be rejected and was at the point of asking someone else to do it tomorrow as I thought I was repeating the same error every time. I am relieved to know it’s not me. They must be making a fair amount in interest to be holding all this money in their accounts and not ours.

I am with CBA and have put the same details in everyday for it to be rejected.

Why have we not have any correspondence from Air?

They need to tell us what is going on. I have to pass that money onto my owners in a few days and if I don’t have some communication from Air about the issue that I can show the owners they will probably think I am delaying paying them. Great, I will lose all trust with them!

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A couple of hours ago I received this email:

Hi xxxxxx,

We have made a small deposit of 3 cents to verify that the bank information is correct.

The deposit will be from ‘WORLDPAY’, and you should receive it within five business days. Once you receive the deposit, please allow Airbnb up to 2 business days to complete the verification. If you do not receive the deposit, please re-add your payment details.

The Airbnb Team

I think that this is the same procedure as when we first joined up. Hopefully it will be all good in a week or so.

This happened to me as well. I have switched back to PayPal for now as there are no problems there.

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I have a Paypal account to receive Airbnb payments and there is no additional fee from either them or Paypal.

I use paypal but last payment was Oct 30 and not expecting another till today or tomorrow with current guest. Thanks for letting us know. I will let you know if my paypal pmt comes through okay, or not.

Update: I received a payment from Airbnb into my paypal account today (Thu 8 Nov).

I am also having problems with Airbnb payout my account is with NAB.

Am also experiencing this problem and spent time on the phone this evening to Air BnB. I was initially assured there was no systems problem whatsoever and that the email asking to re-enter bank details was part of normal procedure. When I mentioned other hosts on this forum having the same problem the story changed and the representative admitted there was a problem and that there was no solution to it in sight.

It’s disappointing that Air BnB have not let hosts know about this (and, it seems, will deny it when questioned). Knowing this is happening could enable arrangements to be made to avoid missed mortgage payments, missed utility payments etc. With this saga now in its fourth day, large amounts of money being withheld its becoming a serious concern IMHO.