Payout problem due to method of paynebt

Howdy, about a month ago I started to get notices from Air to update payment methods. As it did not come on platform I ignored it as spam. Now my payment is frozen in space. I called but the cm told me to update my numbers. They have never changed in 2.5 years. I emailed them again today. Any ideas?

As we all know, the CSR’s are not always trained or knowledgeable in as much as they should be. Due to recent posts on this forum of people staying that some of these requests for payment updating have been phishing scams resulting in their AirBnB accounts being hijacked I would be very careful here. Definitely would not click a link in an email that is off platform. I would go directly in my account to the payment method(s) and confirm everything there.


Thank you for your response, Dozer.

That’s why I never followed up on the posts to my email address. But as you say the CSR’s may be a bit overwhelmed. I will try again.

This has been posted about multiple times. It’s apparently on a slow roll out across the world.

A slow tsunami? I understand the phishing part of it. But to get jammed up at Air’s end?

They just aren’t going everyone at once. They seem to have started in Australia. I haven’t been asked yet.

@justMandi I too have had this problem. It is a system bug which has not been fixed.

There is a work around which is to add the payout method again (all the same details as the original account details).

Your payouts should be status ‘processing’ but will eventually arrive in your account.

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It is reassuring to know that I will “eventually” get paid. All we can do is wait.

UPDATE - still no pay. The CM is getting rather terse. Find another payout method, she says. Closing the file. Indeed, I had 2. No reason given and they both work fine. What happened to mine?