Airbnb asking me more information or I wont get anymore payouts

Hi all,

I just got the following from AirBnb: “Lets get these details for your account. This info is required to make sure your payouts keep coming”

Anyone knows the reason why they sent me for this information?

Need a LOT more info to answer this question properly. Where are you? When did you start hosting?

It sounds as if you did not properly fill out all the required information when you set up you account; or you’ve changed things on your account (bank, payout method etc.) and neglected to tell Air of the changes.

I have been a host for over two years and I had all my information updated. Dont know why I got asked to do so

What details are missing?

I was asked for the following:

Name & Surname on ID card

Why don’t you give Airbnb a call and ask them is the quickest and easiest way to get the answer you need.

Could be legitimate could be a hacker. We can’t tell from what you have said here :slight_smile:


Is there a problem giving airbnb these very basic things? I don’t see the problem for you.

Probably a scam. But if the email is genuine, then what’s the problem giving them the details? Your name and address are hardly secrets.


They would need your information for tax purposes. As well as to verify your identity. I would imagine if you’ve been hosting for that long that you would have already entered it so a quick call we probably just take care of it

I fill in my taxes on a yearly basis, however I heard that AirBnb will start sending data to gov for tax purposes. Is this true?

They do already send that info. At least in the US they do. I believe you have to hit either 200 transactions or $20,000 though.

Surely that depends which country you are in @Ianmast

And what did Airbnb when you ask them about the ID issue.

Was it them or a scam.

It’s helpful if you feedback in case another host is in a similar situation

Its legitimate as it appeared on my app.

the email I also received was as follows:

It’s great that you are earning on Airbnb- and now its time to update some of your account details.

This info is required to keep your payouts coming, so be sure to update your account details by 14th March 2019. It should only take a few minutes.

I have been earning with bnb for over 2 years. This comes after my first payout of the year - maybe thats related? I am from Malta - does that make a difference?

Yes, probably - I think it’s an EU Directive. I’ve recently had to do the same in Spain.

Hello @lanmast, I received too that message. They only wanted that I confirm my real address. The place where I live. Just that. I think is for tax issues.

It sounds like a scam to me. Like someone who wants you to give them your banking account. Call the customer service and ask what is going on, if it’s them and if it is why?

I also received that message, I am in Australia. They asked for full name of host and address. Then asked me to upload an ID. All of this was done 3 years ago when we started but I suppose they want to re-vertify every once in awhile. The request came through the Airbnb message system so I am not concerned at all it is a scam.

Yes I had the same asked of me. I’m in AUS.
I just sent it to them.

Hi Patty
I am having endless problems with ABB over missing payouts. I got the same request to fill out company details which i did and submitted. ABB never sent a confirmation email. Did you fill out a business details section or just a company details section on your listing site? I have filled in the company details but ABB are saying that I need to do a business details section which is not on the ‘professional hosting tools’ section. These payouts have been missing since Dec 19.

Hi bowralhost
I’m not using professional hosting tools so I can’t help you there. Have you tried actually talking to customer service? Not that it guarantees a straight answer by any means.