Update payout info

Has anyone else had this problem? I had an email from Airbnb some weeks ago requesting that I update my payout method - followed the link and thought I had confirmed the payout details. Another email this evening telling me to update and that if I do not, there will be no further payouts fro midnight tomorrow :scream:

I’ve spoken to CS who tried to make the update work - it wouldn’t… technical error. Then CS promptly cut me off.

I have three sets of Airbnb guests arriving from Friday and frankly I don’t want to host anyone if I am not going to get a payout.

Thoughts anyone - thanks.

I vaguely remember something like this. I think I had to do it on a laptop/web version and not mobile/ipad. See if that makes a difference. And, I wouldn’t have ever clicked on a link in an email…would have gone to the site no matter how legit the email seemed when it’s stuff like bank details!


Thanks. I’m on a desk top. I didn’t click on the link as such - I always check first :o)