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Lately, a lack of communication from guests in whole-home rentals


Yes it does. I just send my messages, hope all is well, checkout is 11 and I do not care if they answer or not. I do not see the issue here.




For some hosts, it is an issue that guests do not communicate, especially after their reservation is locked down. For me, it boils down to simple manners. What somebody asks you a question it is only polite to reply. Apparently this is not the case for many people, Old-fashioned manners seem to be fairly nonexistent. I am getting more and more to the point of I will send the questions, ask if they need anything or if everything is OK with the house, etc. if they don’t answer and then they say something in the review, I can simply point out I asked you didn’t tell me you should’ve given me the chance to fix it, if it is warranted at that time.

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People on vacation do not care about the hotel staff or the hosts, its all the same to them for the most part. The only thing you can change is how it affects you, whether or not it upsets you is up to you. I choose to not care:)



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