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Infants in room

I have had some young parents stay at my house in master room , Happy to host. However upon checkout last week 9/5/20 dirty smelly diapers left in garbage cans in the room , ewe overflowing onto carpet… Seriously it is posted in listing garbage cans outside of house on right. My cleaning service threatened to leave as one diaper leaked onto carpet, will not say more. I do post not suitable for children under 2. Any one have a polite way to convey message?

To who? future guests? Review this guest honestly and move on.



For future guest it might be a good idea to provide a diaper genie which is basically a trash can for dirty diapers that are individually wrapped in a plastic bag. It’s not enviromental friendly but if you’re in a pinch, it might help with guests that have infants. You can pick up a used one at a yard sale. Sellers usually will wash it with Clorox before selling.

Do you actually have that option set in your listing’s booking settings? If so, why would you even let these guests stay at your listing?


The Words:


In the immediately visible portion of your listing description.

Sorry about the poor guests! It’s a shame. We do not allow infants or children (safety and liability reasons). We would not want infants regardless.

I honestly do not see how one might “convey a message to them” without getting a negative review in return. Technically, you don’t need to take photos of the mess as you are not claiming damages but it is good practice.

I would simply msg them, “Thank you for staying with us. We hope that you enjoyed your stay”. Then give them an honest factual review at the appropriate time.

Well, disposable diapers are an environmental disaster to start with, so the diaper pail doesn’t add that much waste.
When my middle daughter was young, Scott paper put out a disposable diaper that was good- there was a washable, reusable plastic pantie that the all paper, so totally biodegradable, diaper fit into. There was no disposable plastic at all. But mostly I used cloth diapers, as my youngest daughter is doing with her baby now.

I’m not sure what the message is that you want to convey - that children under two aren’t allowed or that child unpleasantness should be dealt with promptly and disposed of outside?

I don’t allow children so if a couple arrived with one in tow I’d either a) tell them that they couldn’t stay or b) insist on showing them how to dispose of things properly.

No need to message them, since they obviously are too obtuse to pay attention. I would paste the following into the review I submit 3 minutes before check out time.

“Foobar apparently brought an infant with them, in spite of house rules that our place is neither suitable nor safe for infants or children under 2, and disposed of dirty diapers improperly, contaminating carpet. I would not rent to them again.”, then give them 1 point for rules, 1 point for cleanliness, 1 point for communication, 1 point for overall.

My House Rules state

We currently don’t accept bookings for children under 12 (or infants) in our shared space because the house has not been childproofed and contains tripping and falling hazards as well as second story windows that are not safe for children. If you arrive with undeclared children we may not be able to accommodate you for safety and insurance reasons.

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