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How many cancellations do you experience? Please help



I’ve been researching the relationship between the choice of cancellation policy and the frequency of cancelations. There have been some postings here and there but they seemed anecdotal. Would you mind sharing here (or in a private message) what is your cancelation policy and how many cancellations have you experienced in the last 30 days? I promise to publish here the statistics for the benefit of the community.

Thank you,


No cancellations in the last 30 days. 1 guest (coming in May) shortened their stay from 4 days to 2. (So not really a cancellation.)

Flexible cancellation policy.


No cancellations, a couple of shortened and STRICT! But a small market here and few choices for an entire house.


I’ve had one cancellation within 3 years (they gave me 18 days notice and the week was booked shortly after the cancellation) and have flexible cancellation policy.


I have flexible policy. I’ve had 3 cancellations in the last month.


I have a strict policy and have had no cancellations in the last 30 days, and only 2 I think in the last year. One was weather related (although I kind of think the guy was a wimp and could have driven here if he really wanted to but I refunded some of his money anyway), and the other gave me absolutely no reason and I just kept the cancellation fee. I’ve thought about going to Moderate so I could be marked business friendly, or whatever the category is called now, but I’m nervous about cancellations.


Strict. No cancellations on ABB.

BDC however a few, were you only wanting ABB data?


One - changed their mind about being comfortable on a full size bed. Flexible.


Two cancellations in 2.5 years. One cancelled when she heard hurricane Irma was going to hit (although their stay was for 4 months after the hurricane!). The other was someone who’s wife was diagnosed with a medical issue that needed immediate action and her recovery time just wouldn’t allow them to come.

The first re-booked when I sent her a note saying everything was fine and that she should have contacted us first. The other has a free staycoming when they can book again.


4 cancellations in 4 years over all platforms, all for medical reasons. Non in the last 30days.
I’m on strict policy


Moderate policy, with one cancellation in last 30 days. Mucked me about all day with ridiculous messages, arrived early, hadn’t read the listing and cancelled because of the cats. Grrr.


Moderate policy. One cancellation in 2 months. The American guest was coming over for a wedding and loved our place. The groom later told him it was too far away (25 min drive).


moderate policy, no cancellations since we opened 18 months ago, 50 guests


Moderate cancellation policy with no cancellations in the last 30 days.


We had non cancellation last year. But this year already had about 8 cancellations. Have moderate policy. Most of the cancellations had no words. Only a couple of them said due to family emergency have to cancel the trip. Others cancelled without saying a word.


We are on ABB for 8 months. Only our first “guests” cancelled. After that, no cancellations. We have moderate policy.
But most of our bookings are last minute (max. few days before arrival), half is in same day or 1 day before, so there is not much space for cancellations.


Moderate Policy:

last 30 days, no cancellations
last year: 4 cancelations.

  1. due to health, canceled 15 days before reservation
  2. due to Air Berlin bankruptcy, 13 ays before reservation
    3&4. wrong location which they learned when I messaged them, within 1 day of making the reservation

Most of my bookings are made at least a month in advance, often more like 4-6 months


Been Airbnb for just over a year and had no cancellations.I would have had three if my cancellation policy hadn’t been strict.


I’m on moderate policy with no cancellations in the past 30 days.


I’m very interested in this because I have a strict cancellation policy – but I suspect that fact puts me at the bottom of the search list. One almost cancelled this month, but I told her I would refund her in full if she cancelled in six hours so that I had a better chance of getting my place rebooked. She was grateful and then decided to keep the reservation (a win-win!). What I have learned is that if someone is intent on cancelling without penalty, they will get a doctor to write a letter (or forge it, themselves); this has happened to me twice. The honest ones I have been able to refund fully because of rebooking. I’ve been doing this for 3 1/2 years and have had probably 6-8 cancellations. So, now, I’m thinking – what is the point of my strict cancellation, other than discouraging people from reserving and then continuing to shop around. Any thoughts?

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