Help with selecting new cover photo

I’m revising one of my listings. I’ve updated the house, putting in some autumn decor and colors. I’ve got a title I like but I can’t decide on the cover photo. Could y’all please weigh in with your opinions?

Option one: living room

I have used those pictures of the kitchen and bedroom as cover photos before.

Option 2: the kitchen

Option 3: bedroom #1 (there are two bedrooms).

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If it is a whole house rental with kitchen privileges and you’re in a market where guests likely cook (mine certainly do) I would go with the kitchen photo. It will be interested to see what others say.


I think the bedroom photo is the nicest one.

What’s the Title? All three photos are nice. The Living Room grouping is nice but a bit “busy”. Now you have one vote for each!

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I love :heart_eyes: the colors in the kitchen, but I think the bedroom photo would be the best for a cover photo.

I don’t care for the living room photo, it may just be the angle but it looks like a lot going on in a little space.


@Keugenia Kim, what a lovely home! I love all the photos but I particularly like the kitchen, although you know your guests best – do they stay at your place for family vacations, attend business events or what?

First of all your home is gorgeous! It’s difficult to decide because all photos are great but I would go with the living room but take another picture with only one blanket and take off some of the pillows. There is too much of a good thing going on.

I like the kitchen photo. When I’m looking for an entire home that is a key photo for me.


The living room feels small, so I don’t recommend it. The kitchen seems very nice, and if you had a full view, that would be the winner in my book, but since the bedroom seems like the one that has most of the whole room in it, I would go with that. I always do living rooms though, if it’s a whole space. Shared space is always the room so they see the room first. Hope that helps.

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It’s a whole house listing. My guests stay for a variety of reasons. Some come for work; some come to visit family; and some come to visit the area. The title of the listing is “ Stylish home; great kitchen; spa shower; queen bed”

My pictures are mixed up right now because I’m making changes to the listing but you can go ahead and look if you want.


What a lovely home! So pretty in the snow. It seems like a lot of pictures, maybe you could pare them down a little?

The kitchen is beautiful! I love the arched doorways.

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I second this motion. - Option 3 (Bedroom #1)

My reasoning: if you have a cozy, clean, well appointed bedroom (as represented in your photo) where’ I’m going to be sleeping, then I’m intrigued to see the rest. As nice as the kitchen is, when I’m on vacation, kitchen is not my priority.

Well done on the photos and listing.

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I say bedroom, too…

I like them all. But I like the one that shows the door, wreath and couch on the listing 1st page. A first glance if you will. very nice decor K!

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You have a beautiful home and your new photos are bright and clear! I love the kitchen photo - looks high quality and sharp - very eye catching. Even though I only use a kitchen for quick breakfast or reheating in microwave, it pulls me in and I want to see more.

The bedroom is my next favorite. I have a pet peeve about having a nightstand and lamp on each side of the bed. I take out the shelf and add another table/lamp on the other side of the bed.

The living room is very nice, but I think it’s too many pillows and throws. I would roll up the throws and put them in the basket under the table, then mention them in your description.

@Keugenia, I agree with others - Your home is beautiful! I like the kitchen and bedroom photos best, but would go with the bedroom as the cover photo

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Yes, you’re right. I prefer that too. I’ve been looking for a night stand that would work in there and haven’t found anything. But I’ve recently seen people use a simple wall mounted shelf next to the bed so I think I will try that until I find something I like better. There’s room for that and I can still leave the bookcase.

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If your book shelf will fit where your desk is, you could switch them and the desk can double as a nightstand.

What a lovely home!! I would start photos with the bedroom, then the living room, kitchen, then second bedroom. I’d fold the blankets in the living room and get rid of about half the pillows - too busy - perhaps the blue ones?. Your kitchen is perfect and gorgeous. I love the bedroom, it’s what I’ve been striving for in my own listing and I’ve been making changes… Good luck!

OK, im mrs Picky here, so don’t mind me:

  • in the living room pic I’d remove some of the pillows (that makes it crowded) and the purple orchid that doesn’t fit in the color scheme.
  • kitchen is nice, but it’s bland. I know you’d hate me but I would have gone with red ceramic instead of light blue.
  • bedroom pic is nice but it misses a focal point. I’d put a colorful abstract painting/poster above the bed. something with lots of red. for example a poster from Leonid Afremov

As for the cover pic, don;t worry! Anyone of them would do and we are supposed to rotate them anyway, so it really doesn’t matter.

Edit to add that I like the pic of the second bd, the one with the alcove. You have some red in there. The colors are very balanced. I’d put that one on the cover.

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