Guest asks: "can I leave my bags" after check out?

What is your response?

For them to pick up later, I assume? The easiest thing would be to say, no, I’m sorry, we don’t have a way to safely store them for you. But if you can easily do it and don’t mind, go ahead. I would say no because I’m not on site and don’t want guests to have any reason to be back on the property after check out.

I would decline as well, I do not want the guests coming back after checkout. Mine is a driving destination though, except for the PCT hikers everyone has a car they can put their bags in.


I usually allow. It is like a late checkout. I don’t charge early check in or late check out unless the room is booked on the same day. Just trying to be nice and provide guest convenience and good experience.

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NO. That makes YOU liable if something happens to the bags, or the guests “claim” something has happened to them. You are not a storage locker.


Whether you allow guests to leave bags is up to you.

I allow guests to leave their bags in my garage, but it is no inconvenience to me since they can let themselves in and out. However, I’d give you different advice if you are renting a guest room and must then babysit the bags while the guests return at a mystery hour.

Are you wanting to say NO and looking for help with wording?

I am curious who is on the hook if the bags go missing.

I personally would allow it, but I would do it like a hotel where they have to bring it to the front desk (which is me) instead of leaving it in the room because the cleaning crew need to come in and clean. When they want it back they have to come back to the front desk (again, me) to get it. My listing a a whole house and I live directly across the street about 100 feet away, so this isn’t a problem, at least as long as I’m home.

@Brian_R170 And if the guest has illegal drugs in their luggage? Now you have illegal drugs in your home…just a thought…

That would be VERY interesting for me if I also happened to have one of the retired working dogs that I occasionally board in my home at the same time…if they detected the drugs and alerted!

@Militaryhorsegal if they have illegal drugs in their bags they are leaving for a while then the same drugs would have been in their bags for the duration of their stay - what’s the difference.

I have no problem with guests leaving bags after checkout. Often I have guests who check out in the morning but whose train doesn’t leave until later in the day, saves them having to spoil a day they could spend enjoying because they have to carry luggage around.

I was replying to Brian who said the guest would have to bring the luggage across the street to his house where he lived. The guests had stayed in a separate house. I will edit the post as I see it didn’t show up as a reply to Brian.

Yes I allow it. But much depends on your rental and your setup.

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NO. Anytime I agreed it became a hassle. I tell them due to Airbnb considering them checked out, I am no longer covered under Airbnb or my Insurance. I use the liability insurance a lot when I say NO.

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If that is a real risk for me, then every Airbnb host that shares space in their own home with guests is taking a much bigger risk of guests bringing illegal drugs into their home. Same for Uber drivers, etc.

My response would be yes if it was convenient for me. As with Brian they would have to leave them with me, not in the room. However I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone ask.

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Me either, my guests all come in cars except for the hikers, I may allow a hiker to leave a backpack on the porch if asked but I do not want guests coming in the cabin after checkout.

I think guests are like kids in this respect, they need clear rules and boundaries set:)


If you want to know what percentage allows leaving bags and if they charge for it, see Questions 13 & 14 in the old Super Poll. It might not be totally up-to-date but it gives a good indication.


I hadn’t seen the poll–thanks! Though I messed up on one of my answers and couldn’t figure out how to change my vote.

Normally you can just choose another option.

If I don’t have back to back rentals, I can/will accommodate the bags. If I have back to back rentals, I can’t.

As most of the other answers have pointed out, it depends on your setup. Though, one possible issue with allowing guests to collect their bags later is that it could happen that they dirty your place again after the cleaner has already cleaned. Just a thought to keep in mind.