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Embarrassing TV Sex Chat

I just had an embarrassing situation when checking-in my latest guest. I showed him to the room, pointed to the sign with the WiFi password, and then picked up the TV remote to show him how to turn the TV on. It came on tuned to one of those sex chatline programmes, with a generously sized topless woman urging viewers to call her for a chat. I quickly turned the TV off and apologised, saying that the previous guests must have been watching that channel. Luckily the new guest saw the funny side, but it was pretty awkward. In future, when I clean the room, I will make sure to set the TV back to a news channel to avoid any more porn incidents.


Lesson learned! By all of us!

Why don’t you have the TV on when guests are checking in? I do this and set it to a music channel. A smooth jazz channel seems to offend no one and having music playing sets a lovely atmosphere and you and the guest both know that the TV is working okay.

I think that most hosts check that the TV is working during the turnover process and so it only takes a second to put on an appropriate channel.


Do you by chance remember the number to call her for a chat?

Seriously, though, I remember seeing similar advertisements on regular broadcast television in the evenings in Germany 25 years ago. I imagine some international guests might be shocked or offended, so I think your idea is a good one. I personally check the TV between guests to make sure the remote batteries are good and that the guest didn’t logout of my Netflix or Hulu account, so tuning the TV to a “safe” channel seems like a reasonable thing to do as well.


Some guests would definitely find that content objectionable, so I was lucky the guest was able to laugh it off. I was not even aware that this type of channel was available on Freeview, which is what that TV uses. I had assumed that the only channels were BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and so forth. Anyway, lesson learned and I will in future double check that the TV is set to something innocuous.


[quote=“fionajk42, post:1, topic:36388, full:true”] I quickly turned the TV off and apologised, saying that the previous guests must have been watching that channel.

Imagine the fun your previous guest had switching to that channel, knowing you would show it to your next guest. :smiling_imp:


This reminds me of an old thread about embarrassing mistakes we’ve made. There were some hilarious stories! Yours would rank quite high @fionajk42 , although to be fair it wasn’t really a mistake as such. Thank goodness the guests just laughed.
I like your description “generously sized” btw :laughing:


Channel number now, please :smile:



Neither was I until reading your first post and relating it to Mr Joan. I’d never even considered checking the station but he informs me that he always does so when turning a room over, putting the BBC back on.

I will now do so going forward. I can’t remember when he last turned a room over…


This gave me a very loud chuckle!


Here’s another lol. One of my 19 yr old son’s friends got my log in for Comcast from him for a one time film deal. Kid decided to buy porn on my dime for over a week before we figured it out. We got Comcast to kick everyone off and they had to log in with the new password my SIL set “24inchpenis” to get logged on again. I don’t think any of us will forget it or want to share it lol…


Come on. It was you. Don’t be embarrassed.


wow! I hope the lusty guest paid for that chat. Or channel. I’m sure you don’t offer that channel to your guests

Oh, my, that’s a password you can’t forget. No need for additional questions :smile:

I find it handy to keep a checklist that I print out prior to every check-in. I religiously go through all the items, takes about 15-20 minutes. Then I have a record in case a guest “claims” something was not right.


Here’s a good one checked in what was claimed to be one guest( she said the guy was helping with her luggage and then leaving) 5 minutes later they’re having extremely loud sex. She lied to me I even asked her if she wanted to change it to 2 people

Maybe “luggage” is a new code word.


could be the word “helping”


Thank you for posting this.

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My wife said I should prepare this type of list, told her it would be too long. Easier to just go through each room.

We have cable and if you turn off the TV it automatically goes to the cable company’s news station. That used to upset me, now I see it has its advantages.

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