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Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station

Loved the post about the phone chargers so let me explain…

I own a vineyard and use two of the rooms in my home as dog-friendly accommodations for wine tourists and others touring our valley. My AirBnB business is really seasonal and I’m in the process of building a tasting room.

Here’s my question: Have any other hosts installed an EV fast charging station on their property?
Was it helpful to advertise that fact?

I guess the answer depends on the percentage of your visitors drive electric cars. Here in SW Florida where I am, the number is miniscule, and so would be any possible advertising gain.

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There are a couple of posts in this thread from hosts that installed EV chargers in their Airbnb listings.


Tesla will give you equipment if you meet their standards and put you on their charging map as a destination charger. Google Tesla destination partners…



I was interested to know what percentage of cars on the road (in the US) are electric. Wikipedia said (data from 2018) that the number is 0.45% which seems ridiculously low to me. I probably read the data incorrectly.

But in all my years of hosting, I’ve only had one person ask if they could plug in their car.

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The percentage is low but it’s growing quickly. If you are in a position to offer a charging station it seems like a good way to attract guests, and a kind of guest I find appealing. It sounds perfect for the TheRock’s listing.


I work in the energy industry and the percent of electric cars is an important statistic for us. 0.45% is about right as long as you exclude hybrids such as the Prius.

I expect that California is higher but is probably still less than 5%.

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For now…

This is changing quickly, in 20 years ICE cars will be a unaffordable relic. Governments need to tax gas so high that people move over to EV’s

We are killing our planet.


And there is also a Chrome Extension that people can add that will show them the airbnbs with chargers.


There are also phone apps like PlugShare


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In 20 years there will still be ICE. EV is not sustainable in the long run.

Hydrogen and a massive increase in public transportation are the only solutions, to get away from oil based fuels.

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Thanx. I will definitely need to check that out when I’m on my laptop!

I have a Plug-in Hybrid EV (Chevy Volt) and am guessing that the 0.45% is for purely electric so not PHEVs.

I installed one in my house for me and offer it in Airbnb and several charging apps. I haven’t had anyone use it except a friend who I had asked to supervise my self install since he had already done his own.

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