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Charging an Electric Car

Doing the turnover on my Duplex when i found the Dr that has been booked via the Agent for the hospital charging his Tesla on my power. In Australia this costs around $30 or 10% of my 12 week power bill.
I have been warned off by the agent not to approach their bookings when there are issues.
I am pinged off by the entitled attitude of the Dr, especially when there is a FREE charging station a block away.
What would your response be?

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Do you mean that you have a charger for your car and he is using it? Or just plugging into an outside outlet?

My response would be to turn off the circuit breaker feeding the charger unless you are using it.

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Plugged into my laundry outlet!

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Ask the agency to reimburse you for the $30 since they don’t want you to speak directly to the guest.

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How long was the guest there? That seems high but I am on the other side of the world from you so what do I know. Yes the guest should have used the charger a block away, I would put it in my house book that there is a charger available for free a block away vs. the $30 a night you will collect if they use your outlet.

I am working on getting Tesla to add me on their map as a destination charger for my guests and the general public. I already have my home charger on the PlugShare app to allow EV charging to the public. There is no public charger in my town, and I must admit there is nothing wrong with meeting people with expensive cars and being nice to them, it is good for my business as a real estate broker:) I pay more for online leads via google adwords than I do giving away free charging.

I would make the agent pay in your case since they do not want you involved.



I’m afraid that I’m very much a swings and roundabouts person. I can only remember one guest who charged their car here and to me, it was offset by the guests who use the apartment only to sleep and shower so don’t have the AC blasting out all the time.

That bothers me a lot more. Unless this person is a super-genius who markets your place brilliantly, keeps the place at 100% occupancy, deals personally with lots of guest chaos, ensures that you get perfect reviews every time… etc … then I don’t see how he/she can dictate to you what you do with your property and your guests.


I honestly don’t know what my response would be but, yes, that is obnoxious. I would think poorly of him as a person for not asking first. It’s rude and entitled. Poor manners.
I’d probably think about flipping the breaker and bitch about him to my husband but ultimately just let it go and assume it’s going to work out because other guests come and don’t use anything much at all as

And I would be glad that he’s not coming home to me when he leaves your place :rofl:

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$30 for 12 weeks? Am I understanding that right? You’re upset about 35 cents a day?


My Tesla came with a charger that uses a variety of adapters to get to the 220V in a house so we should blame Elon Musk!




I think this is the missing info. If this was one night, it’s excessive. If it was 12 weeks, then not so much.

My suggestion would be to turn it into a positive. Get a cheap meter and a cord and tell guests that they can use it and you’ll bill them at a reasonable rate for the power they use to charge their vehicles if they don’t want to use the free charger nearby.


$300 is the average account. Australia has some of the highest power costs in the world

Dr was there for 4 days

It is illegal to resell power here. You cannot profit from it.

So it was $30 of power he used in 4 days. That’s significant on the power bill but what portion of the stay is it? In other words, if he wasn’t staying would you have another client who is going to put more money in your pocket? You’d either need to have him pay a surcharge on the power or just refuse further bookings from him.

Doesn’t that present a problem for trying to bill the guest/agent for the extra power? Do you have a way to measure the exact power usage for the guest’s stay?

I’m pretty sure you don’t have a way to measure what exactly went toward charging the car, so you could only approximate that, which seems a bit unfair especially if you do not impose restrictions on vehicle charging. How did you come up with the $30 figure?

The agency I use locally has the contract for the hospital visiting Dr stays. The booking was made a month ago.

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For the $30, it was from a Tesla review site. In the US it is around $13.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much useless data as you have no idea how much power was actually used by the guest. Unless you have data from your power company from the specific days that the guest was there and you can show how much higher it is than an average guest’s usage per day, I don’t see how you could even begin to ask for compensation. But, if you just want to prevent it from happening again, you could put a sign up that forbids electric vehicle charging.

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Is the following an option?

  1. Contact broker and explain electric car charging was not part of the rental agreement & you are concerned about the cost.
  2. Arrange to have a hold back/reserve placed upon a portion of the security deposit ($35?)
  3. After the stay compare the electricity used during that time with your average usage and collect for the difference
  4. (Lesson for us all) stipulate in future rental agreements that electric cars cannot be charged on premises.

One day I saw a Tesla with a charging cord plugged into an outlet in the parking deck. I thought, “If my car is almost out of gas I don’t think my employer would buy me a tank of gas…”.

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It’s critical you have this capability if it’s illegal to resell power for a profit. Ideally, though, you’d want a metered outlet specifically for vehicle charging. Installing a metered outlet is cheap and easy, but making it tamper-resistant is not.

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