Blank message. What to do?

I have the strangest thing going on right now. The system says I have a message but there is nothing there. I open it up is says conversation from xxxxxx but nothing. No trip request, nothing. Nothing shows in my pending. Should I write this person?
Has this happened to anyone else?
I do not want to seem inattentive but we are going out for the evening to celebrate a birthday.

I got one of the exact same thing!
I just asked the guest “Is there something you are looking for?”

Thanks @jumoe Interesting to know it is now just me.

Yes @Wenchkin, today for the first time. I just replied #your message has no written content#

I got a blank message as well at 8:06pm eastern. The thing that is weird too - is that I never received a text message which I always receive if someone messages me on AirBnB.

How interesting. Mine was from a woman named Danielle. I had screen capped it and decided against posting her info on the offshot it was an accident. Mine has previous good reviews. So strange.

I got one too. Named Jared.
Also airbnb has review posting problems.After host and guest both wrote reviews, the reviews won’t be posted right way. Have to wait for 14 days to post both reviews. I have called airbnb couple of times in last 2 weeks to report the problem, but nothing gets fixed.

Yes, I got one too - from Linda in Shropshire

I also had one. Must be some kind of bug in the site.

i am also facing this problem since morning. it only shows “conversation with guest” but there is no booking request and no message displayed

The site must just be buggy. I hope it straightens out.
Just after I got the blank message I got two more messages from air. One saying to review my last guest and one saying my last guest had reviewed me. I left my review and still can not see my guest’s review. So like @Ping I am also having other issues.

This has happened to me several times.
When I raised it, they sent me a link to ‘A 6-year-old’s guide to how to leave a review’.
After breaking down my issue description into smaller, more digestible chunks a little kid could comprehend, they said they had looked into it and it was fixed.

And it happened again!

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And there’ll be world peace :slight_smile:


Hey a girl can dream :stuck_out_tongue:


Dream away, girl! :relieved:

Dreaming costs nothing, aside from missing the morning bus and being late to work, perhaps!

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The Facebook groups are reporting this same thing too. Come on … 31 billion dollar company needs to fix this asap. What is it Astaire… you are a tech chap! :rofl::rofl:


LOL @konacoconutz, this is not so much a technical issue as a management one. The folks in charge at Airbnb can’t seem to hire the right engineers. I could come with a long list of things on the Airbnb software that need fixing.

Or maybe I’ll build my own hosting platform. Let’s call it astairebnb :smile:


Do we get top hats to wear? If so I am in.


Yeah! And you can leave your hat on!

And it’ll be better than putting on the Ritz!! :smile:

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Love it!! Let’s do it!!!

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