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Blank message. What to do?


Haha, glad to hear you’re in favour of this @konacoconutz! We must now convene a meeting - we can use the Six Thinking Hats approach to come up with the plan!!


I just got a message from someone saying they can’t book, that they keep getting asked for a photo. I can see a clear photo in their profile.


I see the same problem across several users on Smartbnb. There is ABSOLUTELY no metadata associated with the conversation. Guests have apparently genuinely not sent any message; it’s not that Airbnb didn’t relay the message; there were, really, no messages at all from the guest. Seems like a conversation is started out of the blue.

Which should be a very serious concern.


The blank messages keep coming in. I got 2 today.


Got two, myself. My first thought was virus or ransomware. Let’s hope not. Interestingly, I’ve also suddenly received a string of cancellations. I usually get one on occasion, but I’ve had 6 in two days with no note from the guest (they usually send one). Might be unrelated, but kind of odd.


I got one today. Do you usually ask the person if they meant to send you a msg?


You could always ask the guest to confirm the cancellation if in doubt.


I wonder if this is in some weird way connected to what I found here:


I wonder if this is in some weird way connected to what I found here:

No email came saying Your Guest has Left you a Review
For a recent checkout, I just noticed that on my Profile > Reviews page it says ‘Leave a review so you can see theirs’ implying he’s left me a review. However, I’ve not received any email saying he’s reviewed. Has anyone else observed this? Have they stopped sending email notifications when someone reviews? – a hypothetical scenario discussed on some thread I read here recently.

This is what happened to me, an hour previous to this I got the blank message, made the thread and people started talking on it.
Then I got the review my guest followed by my guest has reviewed within quick order. I did my review and as of this moment I still can not see her review. When I check her page I can see my review but it is not reflected in her review count.

Since then I have not have had normal conversations with other guests and bookings.


Looks like we discussed this yesterday :slight_smile:


Forgive my lack of caffene for my inability to check the thread.


Count me in too!!!


I want to team up with Astaire on something. He sounds smart and savvy!


Aw thanks so much! :blush:

Happy to collaborate on anything that’s mutually and generally beneficial!


You bet! Let us know when we can sign up.


Back to the original topic…
I got FIVE blank messages in the last 12 hours.
I had been replying previously to them. One finally replied back: “I was looking at your city, but I never sent you a message”.


I got one too today! So it’s a bug? I’m thinking whether there’s any point in replying to the message…


I got one of those blank messages Saturday and did not reply. Yesterday got a booking from the same person but no info from her. I am on IB. Just sent her a message to confirm number of guests. Seems air has been really glitchy in the last few days


This has been going on for several days all over the world!!! Boggles the mind!


From the 5 blank messages I received… I responded to all of them. One is a very potential guests for a high profit weekend. Another is perusing the listings for my city. So - these are potential guests that airbnb is allowing us to talk with before they ask us anything. Maybe take the bug and and use it to get bookings while the bug exists?