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Airbnb Site Down, Heads Up

Hi Airbnb fam, hope everyone has stayed well during this time! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted - I was laid off from my day job due to COVID and am now hosting full time (we were giving ourselves prep days before), and now that I’m not sitting behind a desk all day I don’t spend as much time at my computer :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wanted to give people a heads up that the Airbnb site is completely down. (Friday, October 16th at about 1:30 Mountain Time ) From my research it appears to be down in the US and both the hosting and guest interfaces are affected. I can’t get ahold of my guest who is checking in today, can’t load the calendar, nothing. I know…I should be writing down guest’s phone numbers…hindsight is 20/20 :roll_eyes:.

Thought I would give y’all a heads up though! Hopefully things will be up and running soon.


Yes, it’s down, At first I panicked because I thought someone hacked my account and changed my password but then I went as a guest on the site, and noticed it was down. Thankfully I take screen shots of incoming guest’s reservations so at least I have that information on my tablet, I just need to make sure I charge it just in case I loss electricity.

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Twitter is blowing up. It appears to be worldwide. Started about an hour ago.


I got a typical promotional e-mail from Airbnb about 90 minutes, and it wouldn’t display properly because all of the content links were non-functional, and the Airbnb site didn’t work either, but it worked again about 30 minutes ago. And the guest site seems to be working for me right now, (but not the host site).

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@Brian_R170 On the guest site, can you actually open and view a listing though? I can see them but can’t access them.

Nope, you’re right. As soon as you try to go to listing details, it hangs.

Mine is working again. Both host and guest sides.

Working for me now too!

I would try again now that it seems to be working for some of us. If it’s still down I would contact customer support.

We tell people this all the time but it’s easy to forget if the site works okay for awhile. And now that I’m hosting so much less I’m less likely to notice issues with the site.

The outage was global. Hosts from Europe, Asia, etc were on the Airbnb CC experiencing the same thing.

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Luckily my guests let me know they wouldn’t be checking in until later tonight or else I would’ve been so stressed out!

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Heads up for those of you who list on multiple platforms. Apparently the outage screwed up calendar syncing and some hosts have reported double bookings as a result. So check your calendars and make sure they jive.

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Lol. That was my thought too and then I had some squirrely stuff happening and had trouble opening my calender a few days before so I was sure I got hacked. Thank you for sending this out.

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When I have trouble with a site, I always check at



I do a screen shot of the booking confirmation when a guest books so I have details easily to hand in case their is an issue with the site


Any update? Did your bookings come back or has Air cancelled your account? It is maddening to see Air do this to hosts, cancel without warning but it happens.


I do that too - AND make note - AND fill out a password-protected page on my own site - AND keep the paperwork in a safe. All true. :slight_smile:

I know that this is belt-and-braces but this is extremely important information, especially if a host wants to encourage repeat and referral guests. I don’t really see why Airbnb should have the data about who stayed with me if I don’t have it. That seems wrong to me.


My listing did not come back the same. Check your listing carefully. The most recent editings did not carry over. They reinstalled a previous version of my listing. I had to re input my check in and check out times, remove some verbage about monthly rates—which I no longer do— etc…

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I had no idea. Great info. Thank you.

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