A tiny rant to help get into the holiday spirit

When I have dealt with Airbnb notices about whether we have a coffee maker or an oven or a refrigerator and whether I want to add taxes, security deposits, etc., etc., etc., I’d like Airbnb to stop asking me. Especially if I’ve dealt with those things, say, a hundred times or more.

I know this group can’t do anything about it. Just ranting here. A festive little pre-Christmas rant. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::mrs_claus::mrs_claus:


Right now everytime I go to my dashboard it asks me to set up a team, it takes two clicks to ignore it, because you know they want to know why and still the next time it pops up. Arg, bah humbug.



Do you have dishes and silverware?
Do you have them now?
How about now?
Got them yet? Your guests say you do.
Stop clicking no. Come on.


I get this about the washer and dryer, which are not included amenities but my guests use and comment about anyway. IDC that they get used, I am just not going to offer it and be expected to leave detergent. I shut off the hot water valve so if they are using it they are not using even more resources.



I am hoping that all of that has something to do with this “verification” of the listings thing. If so, it’s good that it’s gotten started.

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A few years ago I posted some Sound of Music tune lyrics adapted to Airbnb. Here’s a seasonal favorite with some updating:

Sweet jams and honey I kindly had opened,
The guest would be grateful I surely was hoping
Expired store cakes tied up with strings
These are a few of my least favorite things

There’s no hot water with the valves on the showers,
I tried to fix it, done all in my powers,
Yet late in the night again my phone still rings,
These are a few of my least favorite things.

Turn down the AC to use all the blankets,
This is as annoying as an airbnb stay gets,
Guests who review me and my stars get dings
These are a few of my least favorite things.

Airbnb glitches, my neighbors are snitches,
The guest count is too high, and they are all bitches,
My guests are people, not queens and kings,
These are a few of my least favorite things.

Airbnb execs won’t do what hosts ask for,
I want to quit it, I feel like a cheap whore,
But for all the money that it surely brings,
These are a few of my least favorite things.

When the app bites, when the stars sting,
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my forum friends’ posts
And then I don’t feel so bad.


That might be okay if guests were actually any good as inspectors. According to what they say I have and don’t have, they are terrible at it. The worst.
And I get it. I’m a guest too, and the system throws questions at me about whether the host had a stove, and I have to look to see whether a stove was even offered since I didn’t need to cook, and I don’t have time for that, so I say “I don’t know.”
If I didn’t know anything about the system, I would say, “Yes, sure, there was a stove. Whatever.”
And the questions themselves. “Did you get one towel per guest?”
Guest says no because he got four towels. The right answer, and I get a “missing towels” forever.
Sorry, @RebeccaF. I turned your tiny rant into a big rant. I’m off. I need to do a load of missing towels.


I kind of expect Airbnb to bungle up the wording of the questions.

Where does “missing towels” show up forever?


Exactly! The Airbnb software is an exceptionally slow learner!

Yup. Towels. Silverware.

I’m waiting for them ask if we have a front door and a floor.

If guest responses are triggering these questions, then the guests are—as you say—unreliable witnesses. Useless.

And asking me 72 times whether we have a washer isn’t going to change my answer. I need a “Yes, we have one, but guests don’t get to use it” choice.


Yeah, I keep getting the question of if I have heat. They say a customer commented that I didn’t have heat. WTF - I live in the Boston area. Yes, there’s heat and hot water. Luxury.


Silverware, Silverware,
It’s in the drawer in the rental.

How about a roof

Up on the housetop, reindeer pause,
Out jumps good ol’ Santa Claus
Down through the chimney with lots of toys
Oh gosh this makes lots of noise,
No, no, no! Guests are asleep.
NO, NO, NO, you gotta go.
Up on the housetop, click, click, click
Down go my ratings, thanks Saint Nick!




I’m getting the same thing about my backyard. Guests are welcome to it, but I don’t want it listed as an amenity. Still, Airbnb pestered me at least a dozen times this year.


Or the constant reminders to unblock dates for one listing that are blocked by another booked listing through synced calendars.


Is Airbnb asking these questions based on guest feedback??? I think I was recently asked of there’s swimming pool on the premises. It’s DECEMBER!!!

I need to review a recent trip, so I’ll get to see what I’m asked. It’s been a while.



In the app. Don’t look. It might break your heart.


So bizarre then. We get asked to conform the most obvious things about our listing.


I just can’t understand why Airbnb can’t seem to ask or state the most simple things in a non-convoluted way. Why ask “Did you get 1 towel per guest?” when the question should be “Were towels provided?”
It’s the same with the availibilty setting for prep time. “Block one day before and after each reservation” makes it sound, to any logical person, as if there would be 2 days blocked- one after booking A, and one before booking B. But that, in fact, is not what that setting does, as the the “day after” also doubles up as the “day before.” So how it should read is “Block one day between reservations”, which is exactly what that setting does.
I’ve never encountered such confusing wording on so many things anywhere else but Airbnb. It’s like they get the most inarticulate person on staff to come up with this stuff.


Are you talking about under “guest feedback”? I have incorrect address under there - a guest told me she accidentally hit that and I do see it under guest feedback, however, it doesn’t show to potential guests, just the host.