Work Collection - Pros/Cons and Experiences, Please :)

I’m thinking of entering the world of the Work Collection. I’m close to the big Amazon fulfillment center, a reasonable commute to downtown Tampa for all the banks here (Citi is a huge employer), and there are several hospitals close by. I think it would be interesting to Have someone here longer term or even court the “arrive Monday, leave Friday” crowd and keep the room booked for them for the weekends yet have my peace and quiet.

What have your experiences been? Did you do anything different to set it up or just go through the steps on the platform? Thoughts, please!

I live in my home and rent out a private room and private bath and high-speed internet and shared kitchen space. And a pool.

Didn’t somebody post about a week ago that both the Family Collection and Work Collection are being phased out?

Edit found it:

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I did a search before posting and the only recent info was from this past February. I thought I saw someone post about it being phased out, but I keep getting automated messages from Air telling me that my space is eligible, so IDK.

I keep getting those messages, though… sigh…

Good! Maybe they will quit posting “Self Check-in Check yourself in with the keypad”
at the top of my listing b/c I really don’t want to advertise that! :sweat_smile: Would rather have the “great location” blurb, if we must have that overly large section at the top of the listing page at all…

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Although I meet Airbnb’s criteria for the Work Collection I don’t use it, as I don’t want to offer 24/7 check in or a flexible or moderate cancellation policy. I still get business guests but they don’t stay Monday - Friday but tend to be here for a one or two or three night stay.

If I wanted to cater for Amazon or Citi I would contact them directly and see if I could register to be an accommodation provider for their staff.


I almost signed up for it over a year ago but, like Helsi, was unwilling to allow 24/7 self check-in enabling strangers to enter my home where I live. Airbnb were unmoved; I would go so far to say that they treated me with contempt when I refused to do so.

In any event, I still get the odd booking for people here for work, including a Mon-Fri last autumn/winter.

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Was this regarding a specific guest incident? I don’t see how Airbnb could act with contempt over simply not checking the boxes in your listing to join the work collection or allow self check-in.

To join the Work Collection, and Airbnb Plus, you have to tick the box allowing self check-in.

Like many people, this is my home where I live with my family. The house is large enough, and anciently/quirkily/ lovely enough, to enable me to run it as a boutiquey B&B. Airbnb afforded me the opportunity of doing so in an attractively, less traditional way of doing so.

I still so do successfully.

But the contempt I was shown, both verbally and on-line after I refused to allow self check-in, into my home, for both programmes that I was invited to join, was contemptible in itself.

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Right?? That irks me too.

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