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How do I get in the Family Collection?

Ah, I didn’t see that in the requirements list.

Hmmm. I have no baby bath (what is that?) or baby monitor. Not enough room for a full crib; I have a pack-n-play. No fireplace or stairs so no guards for those. I picked tables that don’t need corner guards. No game console.

What is a window guard?

I have bathtub; books & toys; kids’ dinnerware; high chair; outlet covers; pack-n-play; room darkening curtains. Maybe I could buy a cheap baby monitor?

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I don’t think it’s you actually, I think they are making a change, see above.

I wondered about that. They do not make it easy to search by “family collection”, but if they are phasing it out I hope they remember to remove the coding for the places that are already in the family collection so I am not at a disadvantage.

Thanks for your help @JJD!


Yes. I am really really good at searching for stuff and all mentions of family collection are no longer anywhere they used to be in the Help documents. I think it’s no more. But you’re covered!

It didn’t seem to work anyways. I constantly got inquiries and requests from people who mentioned their children and then I would have to tell them about the Family Trip button, so I don’t think it was very effective. It makes more sense to just funnel people with kid guests into the family friendly listings.

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@georgiahost I did some blind searches for your area, for a few different dates with 2 adults and one child and you came up 1st in results for your town. If I zoom out and expand the map far enough for Columbus to come in, you are still on the first page. I think you’re good!!


@georgiahost I am in the family collection and don’t have any of those kid things. Guests that booked, disclosing in the reservation request that they were bringing kids, were the tipping point for me. Until I had reviews, from people that ABB knew were bringing kids, it didn’t go through for me.

Although, they could be changing things again and not telling us … But that never happens, right? :rofl:

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I’d guess this. I have 3 listings of which the oldest is in the Family Collection. It lists Family Amenties You 4 Target 8, but I’m still in it. My other two I do not have an option to view what I am missing to join the Family Collection.

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I just looked and mine is the same. The 4 family amenities it says I have (TV, Wifi, Kitchen, Essentials) are not in listed under “Family Amenities” in the listing details, and the family amenities I have checked in the listing details don’t show up in the list on the Progress/Opportunities page. I’m wondering if they’re going to require pictures like they are doing for accessibility amenities.

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I just spoke with an airbnb advisor because we kept getting a “join the family collection” message under “what to do next”, when we’d been part of the family collection since our beginning as hosts two years ago. After some research, she told me the family collection has ended, as of 9/30/19. She also said the work collection has ended, but I still see a category for that on the travel home page. It does appear that someone looking for a family friendly place would have to look into amenities to see if young children can be accommodated. Not sure why they would end this category, or the work category, as it would make it a lot simpler for guests to find a right booking for their needs.


Thanks @Meg1 ! I was guessing it did but wasn’t sure.

If they put children or infants in their ‘number of guests’ while searching, it feeds them the family friendly places first in the search results. Places like mine that aren’t family friendly are still in the results but at the very end under a disclaimer.

These are the amenities I remember seeing in the list of requirements, which I cannot find now. TV, Wifi, Kitchen, Washer/Dryer. I have all of these.

The only problem I see is that it is still easy for an Airbnb newbie to “accidentally” search by “Family Collection” without realizing it, and when they do they will not see my listing. In fact I first noticed that I was not in the collection when a relative of mine said they could not find my property on Airbnb - I had them repeat their steps and they had searched for “Airbnb (my city)” on Google then clicked on a link that said Airbnb Family Friendly, which sent them to Airbnb with the family collection filter in place. They had no idea that they were seeing only a portion of the properties available.

I just hope that if they are getting rid of the family collection, they remember to get rid of the “under the hood” coding that produces these results.

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How about Sitter recommendations? That is cheap and easy to do.

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I’m not seeing “Family Friendly” or “Family Collection” anywhere on the website in the search menu. I’m sure the transition away from it will be clunky as are most things with Airbnb changes.

Sorry, wouldn’t count on it :woman_shrugging:

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This is essentially what I was told when I called to complain about the same issue.


Funny because it’s actually helping me a lot. My listings are not family friendly but so many people used to just search and end up trying to book or booking with me and then I’d have to tell them to go and search with the “Family Friendly” tab. Now it’s set up where guests are cued to add their other guests right after putting in a date but before being able to search so when they add a child or infant, I’m at the very bottom of the search list under a disclaimer. It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve dealt with people looking for “family friendly” and it also seems to really be helping people book and request for the correct number of guests. I think it’s overall an improvement we’ve all needed.

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I can only hope!!! So many people book with one and think hey can come with 2 or more!

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This is kind of my point, that people could be accidentally searching using the Family Collection filter and not realize it, and thus never see my listing. For example, if I do a Google search for Denver one of the top results says “Family Friendly”

and if I click on that it takes me to this landing page

with the Family Collection filter already applied to the search.

Or if I just type “Portland OR Kids” into the standard airbnb search box

the pop-down menu suggests “for kids & families” and clicking on this takes me to a search with the Family Collection filter applied.

Also if I visit the airbnb.com/new page

and click “explore” on the Family box

it again takes me to Airbnb with the Family Collection filter already applied.

All this to say I am not arguing with you, just ranting at Airbnb a little for their inept coding. It would seem that while they say the collection is no more, they are not really getting rid of the Family Collection in the coding, just not allowing new people in, and I think this puts me at a disadvantage.

As I said above, the reason I knew I was not in the Family Collection in the first place is because a relative was specifically looking for me on Airbnb and could not find me. She searched on Google and clicked the family-friendly link and never realized she wasn’t seeing all the properties available, so this is not just hypothetical.

This is what I worry about, that Airbnb will never fix the coding so some people searching will never even see my listing. Oh well, it would seem there is nothing I can do about it.

Thanks for letting me get the rant at Airbnb out of my system!

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@georgiahost Wow! Thank you. It never occurred to me that people would start their searches in this manner, with a google search. I just tried it myself and only 5 places came up in your area when I did it. Yet, when I put children as guests from a straight search from the website there were a ton more. It’s doing everyone a disservice, those who want families to come stay and those families that are looking for a place.

At least if people use the app, it shouldn’t matter but I see your concern this way completely. I doubt it will be corrected very much if at all, they don’t seem to be on top of stuff like this. It would really annoy me too!! :rage:

But, I just searched for where you are with “pets” in the search and you came up first when I clicked. I did this to test my theory. Why not try putting family friendly in your listing title? Everytime I search in my city with a word from my title or someone’s I know it features them when I click on the link. Since family friendly is so important, I think you can beat the system a bit by adding it to your title.
Why not make your whole title relevant? There are words in there that you don’t really need.
Cozy is seen in the pictures and isn’t meaningful anyways. And the location you have in your title will be on the map, unless it’s a specific area people search for. You could fill your title with something like “Family Friendly Quiet Home. Kids and Pets Welcome!” or something like that. It’s similar to your current title but includes the kids and family.


I actually switch my listing name back and forth every week between “pets welcome” and “family friendly”. I agree that it might help my target audience find me. If I could fit both in the title I would do so; maybe I will try getting rid of the “cozy” and see if I can reword it.

There are two reasons I need to leave the city name in there. First, there are not that many listings in my city so a lot of search results are from nearby cities. I want people to notice right away that I am actually in the city they are searching. Especially if you are using the app, if you don’t look at the map you might not realize how far some of the listings are from the city.

Second, there are safe areas and not-so-safe areas of the city. The “North” is there to tell people familiar with the town that I am in the safer area of town. Again, I like to have that right in the listing title for people to find me.

Thanks @JJD for all of your help!


@georgiahost Thanks for your help too! I’m going to optimize my titles better for google searches now. We’re dog friendly so I will add that!

Btw, “cozy” means it’s small, but yours isn’t. Mine is but I don’t advertise it ,) No one is searching for cozy, I’m sure of it!

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