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Wondering how others hosts would handle - discrimination issue


Pushing 50…

It’s alive and well in “The South” USA. I’m not sure where you hail from. What is more scary is all the freaks who persecute anyone who even looks anything like anyone of Arabic decent and assumes they are one of the “few and far between” Muslim extremists.

Enough on this topic. I think we all agree in our own way and on our own terms. The town I live in and the people who visit are beyond liberal and as open minded as they come as far as all walks of life are concerned. Of course here if you do not agree to be open-minded you are labeled a pariah, so the discrimination goes both ways. :sunglasses:


Yes and Milgram’s experiments suggest that we will be inhuman if we think it’s acceptable to be so. That’s the point of challenging racism. Noone suggested a personal tirade, but it would be made clear that all colours are welcome at my listing. Also the thumbs down is essential and confidential, an ideal stealth weapon for racists.
I am also thinking quiet time rules should apply to early mornings. I have never in 3 years had guests who are noisy in any way at that time, and that alone is a reason for thumbs down and low stars for house rules. I have also never needed a rule about respect for other guests etc., but the racists clearly needed one. Golly, one of my sons looks Aryan, but the other looks Latin (even though he’s not), so my own family could be a victim of bigoted guests like that.


This is not a discrimination issue. Had Mr. Loud been white, it would be more obvious that he was a blowhard who liked making noise before 6 AM. It should not make any difference what colour he is. He is sharing a house, and he needs to be more considerate in order to be a good fit. And you should not have to be an audience.

I myself would calmly explain that most people are still in bed, and noise should be kept to a minimum. Also, subjects such as race, religion or politics may not be suitable in a home environment where many different people and walks of life are present. I would add that as a host I would find them uncomfortable. If he is going to mouth off and say, “I will say anything I like!” it’s time to ask Air to ask them to leave. But he could just as easily go back to bed!


As a host, I would want to read about this sort of behavior in a review so that I could choose not to host them. We all make mistakes in who we choose to book eventually, but the daughter doesn’t deserve to have that shit put entirely on her. But it still needs to be noted IMO. I suppose you could say something like, “(account holder) was perfectly fine, but her parents made such-and-such racist remarks etc.” if you wanted to avoid saying explicitly that you violated TOS.


Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. After careful consideration, I left a public review that stated facts, just not all facts, because I am of the opinion that the daughter shouldn’t necessarily be called out for her parent’s behavior.

I left her private feedback letting her know her parents, and hence she, if she continues to book for them, may find themselves unwelcome in other hosts homes, given his racist remarks. I also explained that her dad put me in a difficult situation, given my downstairs guests. I told her that we gladly welcome people of all races, religions, nationalities, colors, ages, sexual orientations and so forth into our home and prefer guests that feel the same.


I think some hosts would absolutely choose to host that couple, for a chance to show them the error of their ways


You can’t show blind people anything.


oh god, I know. Case in point, this week, my best mates mum said that a muddy child looked like an ‘N’ word.
“you can’t say that mother!”
“Oh I can” she winked.

Where would you start! The sweetest little old lady, lost her husband year ago, happy to be a bigot.


My sister was never much of a bigot and we live in an 80% hispanic town. As she aged and her mind left she became irrational, angry and frustrated about many things; immigrants and Spanish speakers became increasingly frequent targets. But she couldn’t be reasoned with about anything at all by the end.


oh, sorry to hear that :frowning:


Yup! I see no evidence that having a heartfelt conversation with an AIrbnb host during an overnight stay is gonna magically cure someone of racism; in fact, such strategies will often further entrench bigots, but I know for sure that damaging someone’s reputation will keep them from hurting others as easily as they otherwise might have. Regardless, dealing with someone who sees you as subhuman does damage to your mental health, and I do not exist to convince others of my humanity. If anybody else feels like doing that, fine, but you’re likely wasting your time just so you can pat yourself on the back for being open-minded. These monsters can go to therapy if they feel like changing since therapists actually get paid to do that kind of stuff. I just change the sheets and keep the lights on.


You and I have radically different definitions of the word “sweet.” She sounds hateful as hell to me. What, did she say the n-word with a smile?


yeah, I took a risk starting that story.


We traveled to LA about 10 years ago and were having dinner at a restaurant that night. The obsequious waiter was dribbling over us and asked us what the tourists had done that day. We told him we had traveled by bus to the zoo. He was horrified and said Nobody gets on the bus because of the people who traveled on it. We had used the bus service since we arrived…
Anyway - next day, got on the bus and noted the we were the only non Brown passengers.
Colour blind Aussies for you… literally had not noticed and continued to think nothing of it! The waiter didn’t get much of a tip😜


We find it is common practise here to get bookings by a registered AirBNB guest where the person or people staying is/are actually someone else - e.g. parents, a colleague etc.

The person booking has always stated this up front.
We then write our reviews accordingly:
“This review is not for Sally - it is for her parents - Lorraine and Jim. Sally made this booking for them.”

We find this is most common among Asian guests.
The most common issue this presents for us is that the parents have not read the Listing, the House Rules etc and often have no idea about the whole concept of AirBNB.

I would most definitely advise disclosing this and being absolutely honest about all details.
We can confirm this is successful for us and AirBNB has been supportive on every occasion where we have required help.


The time to call them on it was at the moment the remark was uttered. Using a review to shame their daughter doesn’t seem to have much purpose.


I have a racist uncle. It’s extremely embarrassing. The problem is that he doesn’t even see himself as racist. Everyone lives in their own little bubble. I wouldn’t book an airbnb for him. The daughter probably knows her dad is racist. I think private feedback would be appropriate. I doubt she would make the same mistake twice.


Mr Mouthy was white! He was commenting loudly about black neighborhoods with another black guest present. So it is a discrimination issue.


3rd party bookings are not supported by Airbnb and it’s best not to accept them or admit you’ve accepted them!


Sometimes as a host it’s best to time your battles. Recently I had a guest who broke my kitchen rules by going in after 10pm. He knew full well he was breaking the rules (thought he could charm me into not minding), so there was no point in raising it during the visit because that would have been unpleasant. I did mention it in the review though, along with a security issue he caused. He sent me a message feeling sorry afterwards, but you know what, he CHOSE to break the rules, knowing the host wrote them for a reason, thinking he knew better and that he was so wonderful the rules wouldn’t apply to him. Think again.

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